Gisli Galdur

" it would qualify as interesting but not good music. "

Written by Joep de Bruijn - Review of the regular release

Gisli Galdur (Thorgeirsson) is an Icelandic composer and musician, active in different genres and media. Villibráð (Villibrad, 2023) is a remake of the Italian Perfetti Sconosciuti (2016), the 23rd to be exact; an unusual world record! While I secretly wish I could know all of them, to get a full view of this unique phenomenon and compare/appreciate them differently, almost endlessly, I have seen 8 remakes and heard 14 of the respective scores. Currently, I am doubtful about viewing yet another remake of the same film, so I will only concentrate on its standalone musical merit, which is dubious, but the idea behind the score is a bit refreshing.

The story is about seven friends that decide to play a dangerous game. They put their phones on the table and agree that all incoming calls and messages will be shared with the party to prove that none of them have anything to hide.

From the start, the composer and director envisioned an important role for the use of natural bird sounds to advert the animal nature of humankind, with regard to the narrative outline. Therefore, the variety of bird sounds are intended to resonate in the subconscious of the film's characters. On its own, the music is almost completely irrelevant and of no appeal; non-directive ambience of birds and some other elements, while I do grasp the idea behind it. So, basically, it would qualify as interesting, but not good music as a listening.

Its score was released digitally by the composer.

1. Villibráð 1:38
2. Gæsin 1:12
3. Hrossagaukur og fuglaorgían 1:26
4. Vesturbær 1:58
5. Lundarokk 1:44
6. Hestur hneggjar 1:41
7. Eldgos 1:20
8. Þú ert að fara heim 0:47
9. Gæsin og Dauðinn 2:28

Total duration:c 14:13

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Gildur Music (download only release 2023)