Stella. Ein Leben.

Peter Hinderthür

" wonderful orchestral music "

Written by Joep de Bruijn - Review of the download only release

Stella. Ein Leben. (Stella. A Life. 2024) is a German dramatic war film that unveils the complexity of a Jewish female character called Stella. Amid World War II, she was a promising singer in Berlin. At first, she is slightly unaware of the seriousness of it all, but is then dragged into collaborating with the Gestapo to save her family and her own skin, betraying other Jews hidden. Then, while 'exploiting' the luxuries that are granted, she begins to feel remorse and guilt, suffers from abuse, and ultimately faces prosecution.

I think in writing the score to the film, German composer Peter Hinderthür was faced with what was known as the collective guilt syndrome, which, even so many decades ago, is still relevant and linked to today's problematic events. Despite the fact that the complexity of Stella is never truly unveiled on film, the composer approaches the theme as closely as possible.

In the beginning of the score, there is typical use of orchestral strings, soldierly percussion, and solo trumpet that already carries partial solemn feelings, but aren't entirely as subtle; they are quite direct, yet warranted. In the progression, the musical war themes are omitted and pave the way for subtly approached material, coinciding with Stella's transition in the film. Some of the cues towards the end, especially Abschied von den Eltern, is endearing, suffocating, and very tragic. It' is wonderful orchestral music.

Thus far, I only knew Peter Hinderthür from a collaborative effort with Flora Tessloff on the heavy temp tracked, but still good score to Der Baader Meinhof Komplex and his previous exceptional efforts on the Tatort series, making this another welcome addition.

This score released by Plaza Major Company is again proof of a label that has been releasing an extremely consistent amount of quality scores throughout the years, written for films that are mostly of great appeal. Since 2019, they have increased their number of releases exponentially, easily covering more than five dozen good scores each year.

1. Star der Greifer 3:15
2. Freiburg 1:33
3. Schneeflocken 1:32
4. Bonnie und Clyde 1:47
5. Zurück im Leben 0:57
6. Rookie 2:21
7. Venusfalle 3:00
8. Herr und Frau Iskue 1:37
9. Lost in Berlin 3:23
10. Abschied von den Eltern 2:50
11. The Garden 5:35

Total duration: 27:49

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Released by

Plaza Mayor Company (download only release 2024)