Kjartan Hólm

" Sjóndeildarhringur is an extremely well-constructed ambient score "

Written by Joep de Bruijn - Review of the download only release

The 2015 documentary Sjóndeildarhringur (Horizon) features a portrayal of Georg Guðni, a well-known landscape painter in Iceland; his avant-garde approach is breathtaking.

Kjartan Hólm wrote an incredible score for the documentary. The 2023 digital release includes the following note: ''6 years I ago I was on a 12 hour flight from Paris to Rio de Janeiro. The whole score was written on that journey with my clumbsy fingers playing the laptop keyboard and mixed with my old DJ headphones. It’s not difficult to get inspired when Georg Guðni’s paintings are this hauntingly beautiful.''

Despite not having had the chance to see the documentary, I compiled a slideshow of Guðni paintings to accompany listening to Kjartan Hólm's music. His score for Sjóndeildarhringur is an extremely well-constructed ambient score. Throughout its length, it builds very compelling soundscapes through the amiable, deeply engaging use of electronic tools. To me, the painter's works are distinctly inspiring because they fuel emotions of beauty, a sort of soothingness, mixed with a form of bleakness and profound melancholy. These feelings are certainly heard within the composer's score.

1. Begin 5:10
2.The Masterpiece 2:11
3.Limitless, pt. I 2:31
4.Take a Step Back 3:17
5.Limitless pt. II 3:58
6.Long Time Coming 2:09
7.A Master Of His Craft 3:25
8.End 2:41

Total duration: 25:22

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INNI (download only release 2023)