Jun Futamata

" Some instruments, especially the reflective or rhythmic shamisen strings and vocalist, are stylistically appealing. "

Written by Joep de Bruijn - Review of the regular release

Revenger is a 2023 Japanese animated TV series based on a comic. It tells the classic samurai story of samurai Raizo Kurima, honouring the code, while being betrayed by his superiors, now hunted by a series of men known as Revengers. It is a mature approach, but like a variety of Japanese series, not without a sense of quirkiness, and chaos, which is also slightly reflected in the music.

The music is composed by singer and musician Jun Futamata; her first encounter in writing a score for a Japanese animated project. In the biography on her personal website, her general strengths are explained as 'She expresses a one-of-a-kind sound world with her innocent and clear voice and her unique compositional style that builds on layers of voices.'

In writing the original score to Revenger Fuamata employs interesting instruments as the shamisen, koto, bansuri, sitar, the ondomo keyboard, strings and voices - her own, some by others. Fatama, alongside Naoyuki Honzawa, received credit as a composer and arranger.

The result is a mixture of mature sounding instruments to connect to the world of the samurai, sometimes predictably, but sometimes with more unique merit, while aiding the quirkiness of the series. Some instruments, especially the reflective or rhythmic shamisen strings and vocalist, are stylistically appealing, but at other times the dance-like qualities, including hand clapping and jazz influences, are of less artistic appeal. Looking from both sides, there are several questionable musical pieces, in how they are presented and function within the series, but this is nonetheless an interesting overall score.

01 REVENGER "Main Theme" 4:23
02 Shau-Dyu-I-Metsu 2:57
03 Irui-Igyou 4:27
04 Hariyoma 2:21
05 Rasetsu 2:34
06 Gyouki-Masse 2:46
07 Ichiroku 2:41
08 Zare-Au 1:39
09 Shijuhaccha-hyakunezumi 2:41
10 Zonzai 1:37
11 Omotenagaya and Hanakanzashi 2:00
12 Akuboku 2:33
13 Mogaribue 3:02
14 Chinkin 2:30
15 Konton 2:35
16 In-Ei 2:47
17 Suikyu-no-Yume 2:15
18 Busu 1:56
19 Sekishiki 2:40
20 Akemutsu-Kuremutsu 2:51
21 Shunrin-Katakage 2:57
22 Geiha 3:23
23 Onzou-Eku 3:19
24 Tousei 2:33

Disc length 65:27

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FlyingDog (regular release 2023)