Melh W Samra

Amir Hedayah

" Melh W Samra comes highly recommended. "

Written by Joep de Bruijn - Review of the download only release

Melh W Samra (2023) is a Kuwaiti TV series, with the wonderful actress Huda Husain and a similarly attractive score by Egyptian composer Amir Hedayah.

Huda Husain is an actress with an august acte de présence, and yet with all her TV series, including Melh W Samira, I quickly felt detached from them in terms of content and development; a portentous soap-like feel took hold of me. Per contra, I then freely browsed through the entire first season to get a taste of her presence and how the breathtaking music by Hedayah worked in context. Then again, my review is still predominantly based on the ephemeral digital release of the music.

I have been greatly impressed by a number of scores by Amir Hedayah, including those written for El Watar, Dofaat Beirut, El Khanka and Men Sharea El Haram Ela. His score for Melh W Samra is equally beautiful.

The score uses minimal, evocative and atmospheric piano/orchestral strings, besides engrossing, traditional and utensil instruments – an oud and duduk for example - electronic support, but also additional rhythmic instruments, whom all contribute to the overall befitting (Arabic) mood and sound, that as far as I could see, worked within context. It is at times romantic, warm, dramatic, playful and melancholic in approach,yet it always sounds like the vast majority of Arabic-language television programs. Melh W Samira-like series have generally improved over time in numerous respects, including having better written music. The choices taken during writing, however, could occasionally lead to slightly more authentic, harsly performed instruments, which provided me with some solace, while finding the 'inferior' quality of writing rather charming, whereas Hedayah's score is more polished.

Several cues, including the Opening Titles and End Credits, are splendid, but the introspective cues show its true heart and soul. Dark Image is a perfect example. It is a slow composition, performed by emotive light strings overlaid by the deeply transcendent, yet amiable duduk, and the recurring oud and piano.

Amir Hedayah' score to Melh W Samra comes highly recommended. It is available on regular digital platforms.

1. Opening Ttitles 2:03
2. Colors of Change 1:46
3. An Adapted Life 3:03
4. Maybe We Dance 1:54
5. Chained 1:56
6. It's Just a Game 1:13
7. Still Searching 2:05
8. Meditating in Taqseem 2:30
9. Dark Mirage 2:44
10. Mourning Yesterday 2:17
11. Knowing 1:56
12. Debris of Soul 2:27
13. Unaligned 1:57
14. Distant Memories 1:24
15. Ending Credits 3:23

Total duration: 32 minutes

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Amir Hedayah (download only release 2023)