Gabriel Prokofiev

" this score is a first encounter in writing a very good body of work. "

Written by Joep de Bruijn - Review of the download only release

Litvinenko is a 2022 British TV drama surrounding a well-known Russian defector, ultimately poisoned and killed by the Russian Secret Service. I doubt any will find new insights in watching the series, unless you redirect your focus on the quality of music; the original score was written by Gabriel Prokofiev, British-born, but also the grandson of the great Sergei Prokofiev. Even though the mentioning and any comparing is unjust, Gabriel has somehow stepped into his footsteps by contributing something to the classical world, other musical genres and scores, all of which are reflected in the score to Litvinenko.

Prokofiev easily combines atmospheric, electronic textures and rhythmic devices with a variety of orchestral components in a vivacious musical presentation.Whether you take notice of the grand viola and cello performances by Max Baillie and Maxim Rysanov, or any other musical instrument, its great music for conveying a very surreal, nervous, and slightly atonal mood, against a deeply expressive, mournful intent, yet not withour playfulness and considerably lighter, intriguing music helping to drive the narrative forward. The series captures the surreal feel of what unfolds, plays as a classic detective story, while capturing the agony of Litvinenko' wife in seeking justice, which is reflected by Prokofiev's music.

Overall, the tense, brooding and discomforting music, solely presented, or counterbalanced by a heart and soul, with strings either being nervously or expressively dramatic, and electronics in a similar role; they present the score's strongest quality. Knowing some of Prokofiev' classical contributions, being narrlowly aware of his work in other musical genres, this is a first encounter in writing a very good body of work in the field of scoring.

1. Overcoming Gently Gabriel Prokofiev feat. Maxim Rysanov 2:57
2. Game of Deception 1:43
3. A New Life 1:59
4. 300 Teapots 1:56
5. Contamination 1:02
6. Haunter Gabriel Prokofiev feat. Max Baillie 3:08
7. Tonimus Gabriel Prokofiev feat. Max Baillie 1:59
8. Quiet Persistence 1:30
9. Time Passes Gabriel Prokofiev feat. Maxim Rysanov 1:23
10. A Minor Hopes 2:11
11. Haunter Always Watching 1:07
12. Farewell 2:19
13. Final Testament 2:43
14. What Could've Been Gabriel Prokofiev feat. Max Baillie 3:55
15. Inevitable 0:52
16. Slow Rivers Gabriel Prokofiev feat. Maxim Rysanov 2:14
17. Dusty Pendulum 1:25
18. Mockbar Mocks 1:51
19. Seven Smirks 2:29
20. Haunter Stalker 3:18
21. Pizzicato Puzzle 1:20
22. Approaching the Haunter 2:07
23. Sasha Gabriel Prokofiev feat. Maxim Rysanov 2:56
24. Litvinenko Credits 1:33

Total duration: 49:57

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