Deddo Ribusu

Yoshihiro Ike

" The music does matter, extremely, in the context of the film, regardless of any musical merit. "

Written by Joep de Bruijn - Review of the music as heard in the movie

Deddo Ribusu (Dead Leaves, デッド リーブス 2004) is a Japanese 55-minute-long animation film directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi. When you think of an Enfant terrible like Imaishi, this is a film that positively reaches the very limits of what our senses can cope with; borderline insanity, brisk editing, constantly shaking views and cinematography, a wild variety of inspiring (cubist) animated styles, raw, puerile, nihilistic violence, incredibly politically incorrect, and above all, hilarious. That it only lasts for 55 minutes is not open to debate; despite many views, I still cannot fully grasp all that this unique experience provides. In the film, we follow two renegades who, after a killing spree in Tokyo, end up in a lunar penitentiary, where they discover prisoners are exposed to illegal experiments, causing them to find a way to escape.

For the score, Yoshihiro Ike took on the lead role as a composer. Disregarding his background and previous musical accomplishments, he perfectly captures the feel of the film, with additional music (mixes) by Daisuke Asakura and DJ Shinkawa. To summarise this overall electronic score; electric guitars, drum loops/drum'n'bass, atmospheric vocals, cheap, sometimes slightly atonal piano, various weird sounds, twangy guitars, hilarious resonating bells, various forms of drums and percussion, a tenor and soprano supported by ugly synths, driving beats, and various musical styles and clichéd traditional writing, amongst things sci-fi, thrown into the mix. There is no musical merit to the music, seen from a traditional point of view, but in aiding the extremely frenetic nature of the film, it is perfect. At times, the composer continues on a musical path for a longer period, forming a bridge to the chaos, not aiding the many changes in everything the film displays, which would have been futile, but it is attempted, especially in a fair few static moments.

Even in listening to the official score release (CD by Victor Entertainment) alone, I found some worthiness in reliving the film experience, which to some is a legitimate reason to release the music of a film, yet it does not more narrowly perceive the overall experience in-context.

The music does matter, extremely, in the context of the film, regardless of any musical merit. We all seek solace in music and a myriad of other activities, but Deddo Ribusu is sine qua non for people who seek an unrivaled insane film experience that defies all our senses, if only once in a while.

01 すっぱだかでナニしてた 5:06
02 メシの時間 クソの時間 2:32
03 お前はクソを出しすぎだ 3:51
04 クソ用の穴がある 1:48
05 すんげえSEXだったよ 2:31
06 SPLASH!! 3:48
07 RRRRRRR!! 3:30
08 BOOOOOM!! 1:14
09 とりあえず皆殺しだ 1:26
10 中出し いいなあ 1:07
11 マム細胞 マム細胞 0:54
12 パンツ丸見えだぜ 2:24
13 生きてたのかよ このヤブ医者 1:23
14 チンコのデカさとカタさ 3:17
15 腹も痛くてヤバイ 2:29
16 オララララララ!! 2:44
17 さようなら お姉さま 1:20
18 みんな死んじゃうパターン 4:00
19 はァ? 1:01
20 The Moon(DEAD LEAVES mix) 6:06
21 Division by Zero error editional ver(TORIBUTE IMAGE TRACKS) 7:59
22 Meme crack editional ver(TORIBUTE IMAGE TRACKS) 7:00

Disc length 67:30

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