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    Birth: the mid-70s in some unimportant city in a conflicted country called Belgium.

    Favourite composer: James Horner
    - Braveheart
    - Krull
    - Legends of the Fall
    - Willow
    - Titanic

    Favourite composer, second place: John Williams
    - The Empire Strikes Back
    - Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    - Superman: The Movie
    - Hook
    - Return of the Jedi

    Favourite composer, third place: Jerry Goldsmith
    - Poltergeist
    - Star Trek: The Motion Picture
    - First Knight
    - Lionheart
    - The Mummy

    Horner's Aliens got me good. While other scores have come before that peaked my interest, this one ignited my love for the genre. Since then I've been collecting stuff from the late 70s up to now, primarily by the three guys mentioned above, and also other talented men such as James Newton Howard, Alan Silvestri, Trevor Jones, Elliot Goldenthal, John Barry, Michael Giacchino, and Patrick Doyle. But the last 10 years or so, I've been collecting less of the newer stuff as a lot of composers nowadays just don't do it for me any more, and this is also due to the producers and studios not wanting that big and memorable sound any more for their films, which is a shame. But occasionally something good comes along that finds a place into my collection.

    Still I'm very happy so many of great scores from the 80s and 90s have been released expanded in the recent years and this will keep me occupied for the rest of my life.

    I'm also a follower of video game music, which also holds many treasures, some of which are very obscure but deserve to be heard.

    And I'm a fan of the pop, rock and metal genre, not too many bands or artists, but a couple I follow up, among those one band which is my favourite band of all time: Dream Theater, because they write such grand, sensational and complex songs, of which I can never tire.
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