Interview with Dario Marianelli

MainTitles had a word with composer Dario Marianelli during the Film Music Festival of Ghent, last year in October 2008, on which he was one of the guests of honour. The World Soundtrack Awards Academy voted his score for Atonement as Best Original Score. In the interview, he talks about the success of Atonement, his upcoming score for The Soloist and about his scoring process in general.

Interview with Dario Marianelli - Part 1: Atonement
Interview with Dario Marianelli - Part 2: composing in general, The Soloist, Shooting Dogs

Check out our review of The Soloist.

Interview: Tim Van Autreve and Bregt De Lange
Video and editing: Tim Van Autreve

Thanks to the organisation of the Filmfestival of Ghent, Thomas Dierckens, Valerie and Michael McLennan.

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