Women in Love

Georges Delerue

" Not a beautiful score, but a dark demanding one "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

Women in Love is not the score I thought it would be. Here I was expecting lush beautiful and romantic melodies, but apparently the movie is a bit different in its approach to romance and how they present it. Anyways this definitely reflects in Delerue's music, who hardly unleashes his typical lush romantic melodies. What you get instead are ferocious and dark situations that are highlighted by the suspenseful music, dark unnerving brass and unsettling tones (of which the "Wrestling Scene" is a crescendo in all its meanings). Moments of actual beauty are scarce ("Summer House" and "The Snow"), giving you the feeling you really need to be in the mood for this one. The bonus tracks are actually source cues, highlighted at the end by the cover version of the love theme. A bummer is the fact Quartet Records couldn't obtain the master tapes, so the sound quality is decent but hardly stellar. In fact it leaves much to be desired when the louder portions don't amount to the force they were presumably meant to deliver. So muffled, the music is definitely demanding, but Women in Love doesn't grab my attention enough.

Nothing wrong with the detail or the development of the score.
A lovely track is the uplifting and beautiful "Summer House", having brief moments reminiscent of Our Mother's House.
The problem I'm having is with the color, the tone of the score. It was meant to be demanding, not attractive.
Source cues do not interest me at all!

Track Listing

1. Wrestling Scene (3.15)
2. Transcendental Love Theme (1.19)
3. Around the Church/ Birkin Through Woods (1.00)
4. Gerald & Gudrun Love Scene (2.31)
5. Cattle Sequence (3.29)
6. Birkin & Ursula Love Scene (2.14)
7. The Revolt (1.53)
8. Arrival in Switzerland (0.53)
9. Summer House (2.28)
10. The Snow (0.44)
11. The Brangwen House (3.41)
12. Love Theme From Women in Love (1.32)
13. Revenge Scene (5.36)
14. End Title (0.49)

Bonus Tracks
15. I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles (1.59)
16. Swimming Pool (0.40)
17. The Gondoliers (1.16)
18. Oh You Beautiful Doll (1.23)
19. Waltz (0.55)
20. Polka (1.51)
21. Dance Hall (5.08)
22. Love Theme From Women in Love (3.13)

Total Length: 46.17
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Released by

Quartet Records QRSCE044 (limited release 2012)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue