While You Were Sleeping

Randy Edelman

" Why you were sleeping, Randy was composing the tunes ... "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Randy Edelman could write themes, and some he perhaps wrote in his sleep. I don't know if that was the case for While you Were Sleeping, but it surely feels safe and unoriginal. But sometimes it doesn't require more. While you Were Sleeping is to the point, cute and harmless, just like the movie required. Of course you know what to expect, and Edelman fans might have enough with that. Others don't, so be careful if you really want to investigate it closer. Like I said, it's cute but unoriginal, lovely yet the same. And even though it lasts for about an half an hour, it feels even too long. Perfect for a background experience I'd say.

Lovely as expected, playful as Edelman delivered it.
A bouncy cue, full of wit but also with light suspense, "An Untimely Accident" is quite fun.
He could do themes well, and "Love Theme", "Jack and Lucy" and "A Happy Ending" is one of them.
Of course this ain't high art, and he probably wrote it in his sleep.

Track Listing

1. Opening (2.22)
2. Peter's Family (2.08)
3. Love Theme (1.47)
4. An Untimely Accident (2.42)
5. Phone Tag (1.47)
6. Dreaming of Florence (3.08)
7. He's Alive (2.32)
8. Riverside Walk (5.22)
9. A Testacular Situation (1.50)
10. Jack and Lucy (2.59)
11. Leave It to Sol (2.08)
12. The Dream is Over (0.50)
13. Sound Advice (1.43)
14. Tear Jerking Tale (1.31)
15. Bumpy Encounter (2.39)
16. A Happy Ending (2.24)

Total Length: 37.52
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande VSD 5627 (regular release 1995)

Conducted by

Randy Edelman

Orchestrations by

Ralph Ferraro