Uomini e No

Ennio Morricone

" The second theme is a cleverly constructed march "

Written by Joep de Bruijn - Review of the regular release

The 1980 movie Uomini e No (Men or not men) is based the Elio Vittorini novel. The film tells the story of a member of the Italian resistance during World War II, whom tries to make a difference in the cruel surroundings of a war, while struggling with his ambiguous love interest.

The composer wrote two themes for the score. First, there is a tragic love theme, which is essentially classic Morricone material. He so easily reorchestrates the theme, carrying the theme over from one instrument to another and another in a single cue, which makes for some fine musical interplay. The versions written for flute/oboe, violin and orchestra are exquisite.

The second theme is a cleverly constructed march, one of the many great ones Morricone has written. This march is particularly interesting in how the brass and percussion ostinato can, by small adjustments, go around in circles forever, without every becoming uninteresting. It reminds me a lot of the mammoth 13 minute cue from his music to Revolver, by far the best piece of minimalism the maestro has ever written.

Both the clearly defined love and march theme are basically all the scores has to offer, but as noted before, the splendid orchestrations prevent for any theme fatigue to occur. It also comes as no surprise that the opposing elements of the two themes intentionally mingle on a regular basis. It is a strong effort by the composer.

No one will deny the countless influences the composer has had on other film composers and other individuals. Those familiar with Nick Glennie-Smith´ We Were Soldiers are in for a surprise, as towards the end of Deciato agli inconenti the resemblances are evident.

It took more than 25 years for a label, Digitmovies,to present us with a score release using he original recording sessions tapes. The only cue ever before released was Fucilazione, on a 33rpm in 1981. Digitmovies present this cue in an extended version.

Track listing
1. Fucilazione (versione lunga) (06:32)
2. Un amore impossible (02:38)
3. Il capitano Enne 2 (02:59)
4. Enne 2 e Berta (01:50)
5. Agguato ostinato (02:17)
6. Per Berta (04:59)
7. Amara repressione (06:58)
8. Dedicato agli innocenti (02:15)
9. Irruzione e strage (04:36)
10. Dopo la strage (01:27)
11. Uomini e no (05:32)
12. Nel dramma, un amore (02:34)

Total Duration: 44:37

(written 22-07-2019)
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Released by

Digitmovies (regular release 2007)