Christopher Young

" I quite enjoyed the decentness of it "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Untraceable is an effective and decent thriller, so naturally a decent thriller score needed to be on board. Enter Christopher Young to deliver that. The man could probably write this in his sleep, and still several of his latest scores seemed to miss something. A theme usually helps and that's evident here. It's not an award winning theme, but it gets the job done. It sets the mood and it occasionally binds the action / suspense together ("Session Locked" and "Incinerated in Cement"). Everything is in fact quite tonal, and Young doesn't lose the pedals or the pace. In fact I quite liked the score, it turned out to be much more interesting than I imagined. Even the atonal yet extremely rhythmic cue "Blinking the Code" is quite effective and potent. Overall a good thriller score and one the fans will appreciate.

Decent and effective main theme.
Thriller music is acceptable, potent at times and always centered around the theme (which is always good).
Of course it ain't high art, you got to accept the fact it's been heard before.

Track Listing

1. Untraceable (2.19)
2. Missing Flowers (2.40)
3. Death After Life After Death (2.33)
4. Session Locked (6.32)
5. Acid Decomposition (5.27)
6. Goudlylocks (2.29)
7. Viewer Executions (4.08)
8. Net Nuts (2.43)
9. Incinerated in Cement (7.19)
10. Blinking the Code (4.46) Excellent track
11. Kill With Me (4.18)

Total Length: 45.14
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Released by

Lakeshore Records LKS 33979 (regular release 2008)

Conducted by

Alan Wilson

Orchestrations by

Sean McMahon, Sujin Nam, Martin St. Pierre, Kostas Christides & Christopher Young