The Quest

Randy Edelman

" Nothing particular in the quest "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

For whatever reason, something isn't right about The Quest. I mean it's an okay experience and in fact the music's far from bad. It just misses something, perhaps a way to understand where this score is going. It feel it doesn't have a beginning or an end, a guideline of what it actually goes about. I know I saw the film and somehow the music made sense during it, made it even more profound. But somehow the music makes me a little lost now, giving you some dramatic feelings but rarely doing something with them. There's a theme that's hardly memorable and some upbeat moments that somehow sound nice, but a bit weird in this context. Somehow it feels like a nice background experience, and then again something that's quickly forgotten too. Nice but nothing memorable about it.

Typical upbeat music for Edelman still survives after all this time.
Dramatic material is often more interesting than the action based material.
There are several moments where Edelman goes a bit weird on us (track 13, various moments throughout the score).

Track Listing

1. Opening / The Dream (1.54)
2. Chris Beats Germany (3.28)
3. Old New York (1.20)
4. Invitation (2.35)
5. Khan Kills Phang (3.46)
6. Flashback (1.49)
7. To the City of Battle (3.48)
8. Drums on the Beach (3.14)
9. Smile Please (1.24)
10. The Greatest Fighters (3.10)
11. Sentenced to Death (3.52)
12. Brazil Accompaniment (2.51)
13. Monkey Boy and Snake Eyes (1.08)
14. The Wire (1.03)
15. American Theme (2.18)
16. Finale / Fullfillment of the Quest (2.53)

Total Length: 40.33
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande VSD 5716 (regular release 1996)

Conducted by

Randy Edelman

Orchestrations by

Ralph Ferraro