The Omen

Jerry Goldsmith

" Did you say your prayer already? "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

It's still a strange given. The only Oscar Goldsmith ever received was for The Omen, not particularly Goldsmith's best. But a terrifying and effective score nonetheless. Perhaps the members were so afraid of demonic omens they handed it to Goldsmith in the end. Of course all jokes aside, you can't deny the power and detail of The Omen. Because the contrast between the satanic choir in "Ave Satani" and the sweet innocent music in "The New Ambassador" couldn't be further apart. This contrast returns all the time. The rhythmic and satanic "Killer's Storm" and the soft "A Sad Message". The scary "The Demise of "Mrs. Baylock" and the dramatic "Don't Let Him". Anyway, you get the message. Goldsmith sets you at ease at one end, terrifies you the next moment. "The Dog's Attack" is probably the most effective cue of all, a thrill ride of fear and power. In the end, I enjoy and appreciate The Omen for what it does, but hell no is this the only Oscar Goldsmith ever should have received. And it feels like a gift from the Oscar members at the time.

Highly effective and terrifying score. Goldsmith unleashes all the stops.
When Goldsmith combines the rhythm with the singing, you get goosebumps.
Song version is quite nice.
What a terrifying cue "The Dog's Attack", choir on a bed of rhythm is just what Goldsmith needs to terrify you.
A score you have to be in the mood for.

Track Listing

1. Ave Satani (2.39)
2. The New Ambassador (2.36)
3. Killer's Storm (2.57) Excellent track
4. A Sad Message (1.46)
5. The Demise of Mrs.Baylock (3.00)
6. Don't Let Him (2.49)
7. The Piper Dreams: Carol Heather (2.43)
8. The Fall (3.45)
9. Safari Park (2.10)
10. The Dog's Attack (5.55) Excellent track
11. The Homecoming (2.48)
12. The Altar (02:00)

Total Length: 35.11
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(total of 4 votes - average 4.88/5)

Released by

Varèse Sarabande VSD-5281 (regular release 1990)

Conducted by

Lionel Newman

Orchestrations by

Alexander Courage