The Monkey King 2

Christopher Young

" Young creates more monkey mayhem "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

The news of Christopher Young returning to the world of The Monkey King was surely an exciting one, if not the least for the future of filmmusic. Because it seems boundaries do not exist when one departs from Hollywood. The Monkey King 2 is not as brilliant as the first score, but it holds the equally ballsy, melodic, and guns blazing approach of the first one. Nothing keeps Young from delivering the same long fluent cues that will deliver the emotion and the excitement on screen. Ideas are formed in the beginning, and Young happily lets them develop and return for the remainder of the time. Several cues stand out, several limp a bit behind, but The Monkey King 2 surely ends brilliantly, enough to recommend it. This especially because hardly any material returns from the first one, making this another totally original grand score. Please stay in monkey land Christopher Young!

A returning action / suspense motif, you rarely hear it anymore today, but it blazes fire in "Basilisk Demon".
Another kick-ass track is "Biānfú èmó, Bat Demon", with Ghost Rider like coolness coming from the electric guitars.
Young may not return with the themes of the first (save for a variation for the final track), it's equally grand and enjoyable stuff.
Barely any ideas of the first score, this score is another fresh experience.
Not all tracks make an impact, tracks 3 to 5 are a bit forgettable.
And track 6 goes for a completely dark picture, throat singing and atonal eerie flutes.

Track Listing

1. Jinguzhou, The Golden Hoop (11.13)
2. Xīyì yāo, Basilisk Demon (6.27) Excellent track
3. Zhu Bajie, The Pig Demon (4.13)
4. Baigujing, Lady White Bone (5.36)
5. Tang Sanzang, The Monk (6.14)
6. Guówáng Yun Hai Xi Wángguó, The King of Yun Hai Xi Kingdom (5.31)
7. Ruyi Jingu Bang, Monkey King's Staff (4.07)
8. Sha Wujing, The Sand Demon (3.21)
9. Guanyin, The Goddess of Mercy (5.21) Excellent track
10. Biānfú èmó, Bat Demon (10.35) Excellent track
11. Bái lóng mā, White Dragon Horse (5.39) Excellent track
12. Sun Wukong, The Monkey King (7.18) Excellent track

Total Length: 75.37
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Released by

Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 358 (regular release 2016)

Conducted by

Allan Wilson

Orchestrations by

Peter Bateman, Sean McMahon, Richard Bronskill, Kostas Christides, Joohyun Park, Patrick Russ & David Shephard

Performed by

The Slovak National Symphony Orchestra & Lucnica Chorus