The Informers

Christopher Young

" Groovy and functional, nothing more "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

The Informers is a background score for Christopher Young fans. Definitely approachable and in a way even somewhat entertaining, but it has no guidelines. It's an idea that flows and continues to flow, not set a specific emotion for a specific type of scene. Sometimes these become the best soundtrack experiences, but when it is just bouncy tunes and no themes or returning identifiable melodies you get a mood-setter, not a filmscore. The score is strangely upbeat and not very dark, so as a background experience it works. But again, as a filmscore you will not get what you came for. For that The Informers had other intentions.

Eccentric affair, builds on many bouncy ideas and rhythms.
The music is acceptable.
The album is a bag of ideas, it works as a background experience, not as a film score.
Furthermore, it is mood music. It forms an idea but it doesn't create the emotion or set the scene. Therefore no theme(s).

Track Listing

1. The Informers (2.45)
2. Nothing But a Broken Heart (2.00)
3. What Was, It Is. What Is, It's Not (4.19)
4. Please Me, Please, Please (2.46)
5. No Wicked Way (2.57)
6. Malibu Dope (3.53)
7. To Ryder, with Love (3.55)
8. Wrecked by Money (2.52)
9. Is She Really? (3.11)
10. Sex Whenever (2.41)
11. A Rose in All Things Beautiful (1.35)
12. Dysfunctional Everything (3.10)
13. Toupee Tango (2.17)
14. Hawaiian Dissonance (3.15)
15. Love Is Love Is Love (6.45)

Total Length: 48.21
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Released by

Lakeshore Records LKS 34082 (regular release 2009)

Orchestrations by

Sean McMahon, Mark Buys & Brandon K. Verrett