The Indian in the Cupboard

Randy Edelman

" The Edelman in Randy "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Frank Oz's The Indian in the Cupboard got a score from Randy Edelman, a score that again works because of Edelman's strengths. To come up with a good enough theme, and to keep it both light and dark at the same time. The album's perhaps a tad too long for repeated listens, but it remains interesting enough. Luckily the theme is not repeated to the death (such as in Pontiac Moon), and it gets a nice send off in the final track "Bonded for Life / Closing". Overall, Edelman fans will once again find the strengths in this one, the strengths they've come to love from the composer. Others will perhaps find not enough to keep them entertained. A shorter album could have corrected that.

A thing that always works, the theme from the film.
The relaxing ethnic beauty of Last of the Mohicans is heard again here ("Meeting Little Bear").
Sometimes the music listens a bit too childish ("Brotherly Intrigue").
It's also too long for my liking.

Track Listing

1. Main Title (2.56)
2. Meeting Little Bear (3.46)
3. Omri's Newfound Magic (5.49)
4. Building a New Home (4.39)
5. Brotherly Intrigue (4.09)
6. Cowboys and Indians (2.51)
7. Reconciliation (6.27)
8. Shootout (1.20)
9. Just Another School Day (3.07)
10. Cupboard Disappearance (2.55)
11. Lament for Boone (1.51)
12. Ratattack (6.10)
13. Important Decisions (2.48)
14. Bonded for Life / Closing (5.15) Excellent track

Total Length: 54.03
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Released by

Sony Classical SK 68475 (regular release 1995)

Conducted by

Randy Edelman

Orchestrations by

Ralph Ferraro