The Horsemen

Georges Delerue

" Delerue's light eastern take on Horsemen "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Though the recording dates from a 1971 LP, I find it quite good all considering. The Horsemen is Delerue's take on an eastern brutal sport where Horsemen must carry a dead calf over an entire field. A sort of brutal polo game which was recently seen in the film Rambo III. Delerue's music is then at one end quite brassy, at another serene. However the tone is definitely quite eastern and the various instruments immediately transport you to the desolate wastelands of Afghanistan. Brief moments of romance come out lovely, as Delerue never forgets to paint his lyrical voice over these tracks ("Just As You Are, I Love You"), all the while a brief but potent fanfare closes the score in "These Are Not Your People (End Title)". Though the sound quality is good considering, it is still not perfect! So perhaps it is more interesting to search out for the 13 track presentation on the Universal Music release of 2010.

The soft romantic music is quite lovely, quite serene.
Considering the age of the recording, the sound quality is still quite good.
Low brooding choir surely sets down the tone ("Main Title").
Recording hiccups from to time.

Track Listing

1. Main Title (2.35)
2. At the Bazar (1.44)
3. Man of Great Riches (2.27)
4. Just As You Are, I Love You (2.55)
5. An Old Man Rides (2.01)
6. A Ram of One Horn (0.51)
7. Hills of Afghanistan (1.11)
8. Just As You Are, I Love You (2.39)
9. Savage Game for A King (2.50)
10. It Must Come Off, Master (2.38)
11. The Fair (1.39)
12. Road of the Ancients (2.12)
13. Frustration (2.43)
14. These Are Not Your People (End Title) (2.41)

Total Length: 31.06
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Released by

Sunflower SNF-5007 (regular release 1971)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue