The Flim Flam Man / A Girl Named Sooner

Jerry Goldsmith

" A Composer Named Jerry "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

Film Score Monthly released 2 scores of Goldsmith that perfectly mesh together. The first score is a fun and playful score. A score that sadly overtly uses that main theme. First heard in "Main Title", it never really shuts up, even though Goldsmith was a master in variation. It opens ala Rio Conchos and it basically never stops playing around. The bad thing is, you hear that theme a lot in the process. But that bounciness ala Bandolero is definitely catchy and keeps you entertained for the remaining duration. The harmonica basically never shuts up as well, and continues to deliver flair and bounciness to A Girl Named Sooner after that. Making it the perfect accompanying score. It's after a while that the score turns slightly more serious, when light drama and subtle underscore begin to emerge. The score is still nice, but a little less memorable. All in all, you won't find hidden treasures here. Just pleasant and decent music for an occasional background listen. Of course a must for Goldsmith completists, even if they have to deal with the so so sound quality.

Both scores complement each other well.
The bounciness in The Flim Flam Man is quite fun, Bandolero fun.
Main theme overkill for both scores.
2 okay scores, no real classics here.

The Flim Flam Man: ***
A Girl Named Sooner: ***

Track Listing

The Flim-Flam Man
1. Main Title (1.41)
2. A Good Trick (0.15)
3. No Rest for the Wicked (3.48)
4. A Little Inspiration (1.38)
5. Stolen Property (3.14)
6. The Getaway (3.01)
7. The Main Line (2.17)
8. Times Gone By (1.08)
9. The Visitor (3.24)
10. Good Night / The Homestead (2.46)
11. The Hayseed (1.19)
12. A Poor Ending (0.49)
13. Run for It (1.08)
14. Curly's Plan (2.45)
15. Curly's Farewell (1.17)
16. The Waiting Game (1.24)
17. On the Road Again (1.14)

A Girl Named Sooner
18. Main Title (3.07)
19. Sooner Frees the Calf (0.47)
20. Into Town (0.31)
21. Mac and Elizabeth (2.10)
22. Elizabeth Meets Sooner (0.37)
23. The Bath / Bird's New Perch (2.49)
24. Becoming a Family / Jumping Rope (3.00)
25. Isolation (2.22)
26. Elizabeth Conforts Sooner (2.38)
27. A Kiss Goodnight (1.00)
28. Runaway (2.09)
29. Second Thoughts (1.25)
30. Tears of Regret (0.56)
31. Sooner and Granny / Reconciliation (4.20)
32. Making a Difference (2.15)
33. End Title (1.02)

Total Length: 64.16
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Released by

Film Score Monthly FSMCD Vol. 2 No. 9 (limited release 2000)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations by

Arthur Morton