The Final Conflict

Jerry Goldsmith

" The Final Omen score (of Goldsmith) "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the deluxe edition

Damien's all grown up now, but even when he was a child, he was getting grown up music. Jerry Goldsmith made sure of that. Resulting in his only Oscar win of his entire career. The Final Conflict (aka The Omen III) now sees Sam Neil playing Damien. And with Goldsmith back it was time to go for the finale. With "The Second Coming" he has truly delivered the finale of magic finales for The Omen trilogy. In general, The Final Conflict is a lot eerier, and a hell of a lot less attacking than its first entry. In that aspect, this score is a lot 'easier' to listen to. Because even though it's eerie, moody and 'softer', Goldsmith wouldn't be Goldsmith if he didn't deliver detail. Soft vocals, soft performances of the main title and 'second coming' theme. The main title (aka Ambassador) theme gets several noticeable performances. In the begin with choir, but in the duo "Electric Storm" and "The Hunt" with thundering orchestra. Especially the second piece will give The Wind and the Lion enthusiasts those goosebumps they loved so much in that score. The score may be a bit overlong (tracks 12 to 14 could have been omitted), but the final is nonetheless grand. I personally prefer The Final Conflict over his other Omen scores. It's a bit more diverse, a hell of a lot less scary and it holds one of his greatest choral explosions. Who needs more?

The Final Conflict is a lot 'easier' to appreciate. You don't need to be in the mood for this one.
"Second Coming", or one of the grandest cues of Goldsmith's career. Choral heaven for a movie about the devil's son.
"Electric Storm" and "The Hunt" in all its fury unleashes the Ambassador theme, stunning as expected.
Chop some 10 minutes off and I would even be more enthusiastic about this score.

Track Listing

1. Main Title (3.29) Excellent track
2. The Ambassador (4.50)
3. Trial Run (2.15)
4. The Monastery (3.17)
5. A T. V. First (2.51)
6. The Statue (4.11)
7. The Second Coming (3.25) Excellent track
8. Electric Storm (5.22)
9. The Hunt (4.05) Excellent track
10. The Blooding (3.40)
11. Lost Children (3.45)
12. 666 (3.03)
13. Parted Hair (6.36)
14. The Iron (2.30)
15. The Final Conflict (9.22) Excellent track

Total Length: 62.41
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande 302 066 289 2 (deluxe edition 2001)

Conducted by

Lionel Newman