The Cassandra Crossing

Jerry Goldsmith

" Decent thriller score "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

A deadly disease on a train, Hollywood in a nutshell and a story that has been done many times before. So what would distinguish this from the rest? Perhaps an all star cast, or perhaps the music of Jerry Goldsmith. This double CD release could provide the answer, and somehow it does. It's a gripping intense ride for sure, but again one that doesn't fully deliver the thrills. At least not for me. Perhaps it's the lack of the thrill due to the mix of the sound, because there's definitely a bit more oomph in the re recording of the bonus cue on The Salamander release of 2013. So yes, a more vibrant mix could have unleashed a lot more of Goldsmith's thrill and pace. Then again, perhaps it's got to do with the sound of those thrills. Because it reminds me a lot of the uneasy suspenseful brass of King Solomon's Mines, when the spider was closing in for the kill at the end. Not something I truly adored in that score, and here it's overkill. The more gentle theme is a sweeter reminder of Goldsmith's style, but again not one of his most legendary. No The Cassandra Crossing gets the job done, but it will hardly get any encores with me. As ever, it's effective and damn thrilling in its intentions. But sound wise and style, I've heard better.

As always it's Goldsmith and it's damn effective and powerful.
The main theme is quite nice, and brings necessary contrast to the more suspenseful music.
Sound wise it's lacking vibrancy, making Goldsmith's music less thrilling than it actually is.

Track List

CD 1: 61.52
Mono Score
1. Main Title (3.24)
2. Break-In (2.27)
3. The Train Station / Dying Man / Mckenzie Arrives / Sick Man (1.20)
4. Husband & Wife / Little Girl & Sick Man / Train On The Move (2.36)
5. New Bedside Manner (1.41)
6. Are You Alright? / What They Call "The Cassandra Crossing" * (1.06)
7. Searching The Train (2.39)
8. Helicopter Rescue (3.31)
9. Disease Spreads (0.42)
10. Bring It In / The Train / Husband & Wife (1.12)
11. Safe Living (4.12)
12. Here We Go! (0.44)
13. The Train Arrives (2.14)
14. I Can't Go (4.44)
15. The Bridge / God's Will (3.05)
16. Rusting Bridge (1.05)
17. The Climber (2.40)
18. Kaplan's Death (3.33)
19. Aftermath* / The Passengers Escape (2.04)
20. The Cassandra Crossing - End Titles (1;46)

Alternate Mixes
21. Little Girl / Sick Man (0.45)
22. Helicopter Rescue (3.31)
23. Safe Living (4.12)
24. Here We Go! (0.42)
25. The Train Arrives (2.14)
26. The Climber (2.40)

CD 2: 45.46
Stereo Album
1. Main Title (3.25)
2. Break-In (2.24)
3. Safe Living (4.12)
4. Helicopter Rescue (3.35)
5. I Can't Go (4.38)
6. The Climber (2.31)
7. It's God's Will (3.06)
8. Kaplan's Death (3.33)
9. End Credits (1.50)
10. It's All A Game (Instrumental) (3.01)
11. I'm Still On My Way (Vocal) (2.32)
12. I'm Still On My Way (Vocal) (2.53)

Bonus Tracks
13. I'm Still On My Way (Instrumental) (4.04)
14. I'm Still On My Way (Vocal Only) (4.02)

* Not used in the film
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Released by

Prometheus XPCD 165 (regular release 2008)

Conducted & Orchestrated by

Jerry Goldsmith

Performed by

Unione Musicisti di Roma