The Black Tulip

Christopher Young

" Young goes for the heart "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

The Black Tulip is one of Christopher Young's most refreshing and most intimate experiences. How he came on board of this picture I do not know, but his influence and craftsmanship is felt from the very first note. Touching, heartfelt, at times raw and at times very sincere, this is an example of music that says more than words. The album's an intimate journey towards touching dramatic music and rare exuberance, but always guided by the passion for detail and emotion. The vocals that are added do even more justice to the music than expected, leaving behind a feeling of beauty and sadness, giving you the same delight other western based scores created these past few years (Gladiator, The Nativity Story). Young enthusiasts who open their hearts easily for something more restrained will feel the passion deeply. The Black Tulip is unique in his repertoire and an emotional journey that has to be (re)lived.

Often beautiful and emotional music, highlighted by solo vocals (like "Az Chasman Rafti").
The soft guitar music goes for the heart too, lovely.
Often I lose myself in these scores when they tend to bring the same ethnic based music, Young does not let that happen here.

Track Listing

1. The Black Tulip (3.07)
2. A War Torn Country (4.30) Excellent track
3. Thoughts of Freedom (3.20) Excellent track
4. A Place For Afgan Poets to Speak (2.13)
5. Poem One (Love) (2.08)
6. Poem Two (Family) (3.19)
7. Poem Three (Celebration) (1.56)
8. Poem Four (Sacrifice) (8.11)
9. Az Chasman Rafti (Vanished From My Eyes) * (4.45) Excellent track
10. Poem Five (Tradition) (1.35)
11. Poem Six (Pride) (4.59)
12. Poem Seven (Destruction) (2.17)
13. Freedom ** (5.19) Excellent track
14. Forever ** (3.41)

* Performed by Eshan Aman & Lisbeth Scott
** Performed by Natalie Cole & Eshan Aman

Total Length: 51.20
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Released by

Twin Light Records CYCD 001 (regular release 2011)

Orchestrations by

Sujin Nam