The Black Stallion Returns

Georges Delerue

" The Black Stallion sounds and runs grand "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

Georges Delerue didn't do that many epic adventure tales, but I consider The Black Stallion Returns to be one of them. And in the great tradition of Western epics, there's a theme to remember. A fanfare to grasp on to, dangerous music to be fearful of and various fantastic performances of the theme to have fun with. In general, it's quite a potent score. And I actually prefer it in its original form. It's a little shorter and it packs all the tracks it needs to. In fact it's the Delerue you don't always hear, but you often wish you would. Here he delivers again those fanfares he can do so amazingly ("Clipper Take-Off", here he can do those variations he always magically inserts ("Raj's People Approach"), here he can unleash the most amazing performances of that incredible theme ("Reunion", "Finale and End Title"). And in now both short or long version, both in good sound, you can enjoy the score for what it is. Delerue in epic grandeur, Delerue in amazing fashion and one of those scores that has all the trademarks of an epic adventure.

The main theme an adventure like this requires. Epic and grand in everything Delerue does.
A couple of amazing fanfares and heroic situations do deliver some big moments to the score.
The sound quality unleashes the epic scale of this score quite well.
Perhaps the complete format is just a tad too long for its own good.

Track List

Complete Film Score
1. Prologue and Main Title (3.15) Excellent track
2. Barn Fire (2.08)
3. Escape from Truck (1.59)
4. By the Docks (1.33)
5. Clipper Take-Off (1.16) Excellent track
6. Meslar Approaches (1.26)
7. Uruk Gunfire (2.56)
8. Meslar's Battle and Death (3.02)
9. Thirsty Trek (3.26)
10. Raj's People Approach (2.04)
11. Meet Sagr (1.34)
12. Reunion (4.18) Excellent track
13. Easy Boy (0.38
14. Uruk Attack (1.09)
15. Escape from Uruks (2.14)
16. Scarface Push (1.10)
17. Back to Race (3.16) Excellent track
18. Race Finale (1.45) Excellent track
19. Finale and End Title (8.06) Excellent track

The Original Album
20. Alec and The Black Stallion (3.13) Excellent track
21. Stowaway on the Clipper (2.11) Excellent track
22. Raj Comes Home (3.35)
23. Meslar / Desert Hero (2.37)
24. Race and Escape (3.06) Excellent track
25. Together Again (4.16) Excellent track
26. Shetahn to Casablanca (1.31)
27. Oasis Attack (1.44)
28. Finale / The Black Stallion Returns (8.06) Excellent track

Total Length: 77.35
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Released by

Intrada Special Collection Volume 117 (limited release 2009)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue