Tall Tale

Randy Edelman

" Tall Tale, Lovely Score "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

A western and a Disney adventure, nothing more is needed to give Randy Edelman the inspiration. And even though Tall Tale isn't exactly inspirational, it's nonetheless fun and occasionally stirring. The main theme is of course another winner, and in various variations a wonderful to experience deal ("Closing / Prized Possession"). After that we have a mixed bag, presenting some wonderful stuff with those catchy vocals ("John Henry"), but also a couple of moments where the suspenseful material AGAIN doesn't pay off. Tall Tale lacks perhaps a bit of variation, even in this short format. Because it occasionally returns to that main theme. But in all fairness, it doesn't kill the experience. The score does contain several moments worthy of praise, considering Edelman could do them so well. Ah it's fun while it lasts.

Always a winner in Randy Edelman's book: the theme. As fitting as can be expected.
The catchy and bouncy "John Henry" is a plus point as well, full of bounciness and witty vocals.
A stirring finish in "Closing / Prized Possession".
Will nothing ever change, the suspenseful tunes always sound a bit cheap compared to the rest.

Track Listing

1. Opening (4.38)
2. Awakening to Pecos Bill (5.18)
3. Foot Race to Paradise (2.00)
4. Crossing Paths (2.08)
5. John Henry (3.05)
6. Stiles Confronts the Town Folk (2.11)
7. Burnt Dessert (2.13)
8. Mill Fight and Triumph (3.08)
9. Boat Ride (2.24)
10. Tower Climb (2.22)
11. The Dimwits meet Paul Bunyan (2.49)
12. Shared Experience (2.19)
13. Parting (2.05)
14. Closing / Prized Possession (2.10) Excellent track

Total Length: 38.50
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Released by

Walt Disney Records 60867-7 (regular release 1995)

Conducted by

Randy Edelman

Orchestrations by

Greig McRitchie & Mark McKenzie