Summer Rental / Critical Condition

Alan Silvestri

" Go for sunshine or hospital pranks "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

2 comedies, both starring legendary comedy icons (during that time), both scored by Alan Silvestri. They differ a couple of years, but somehow the combination works. While Critical Condition is the more expected comedy effort, featuring wacky beats and light suspense, Summer Rental turns out to be the surprise of the album. Both have a theme that works, but the material in Summer Rental is so much more inviting. And it's Summer Rental that opens the experience. The theme is omnipresent and diverse. Even though you always notice it, the theme has its variations throughout. The Jamaican influenced versions make it particularly uplifting. However I love long cues, especially if they lead up to something. And "The Race Begins / The Race Part Two / End of Race" is that long cue, full of suspense, enjoyable orchestral excitement and pleasant bounciness. It's not listed as a long cue on many sites, but rest assured it lasts over 9 minutes. Critical Condition opens with the same wackiness a comedy has to have, but after a while it turns to soft drama and light suspense. It has moments of Back to the Future III, The Abyss and Romancing the Stone. It's not the hidden treasure of Alan Silvestri's career, but it makes nonetheless for typical enjoyable listening. The combination of the 2 scores work, and if you pay in mind they remain comedy efforts, you'll enjoy the combination even more. For Silvestri fans of course.

In Summer Rental the bouncy main theme and the Jamaican instruments create a catchy and uplifting experience.
The treat of the album, the long and exciting "Race" cue.
Critical Condition is decent but also the least interesting one. What if it was released solo wise?

Track Listing

Summer Rental
1. Main Titles (3.42)
2. Here We Go (1.56)
3. Volleyball Game (1.04)
4. I'm a Sailor / First Sailing Trip (2.07)
5. The Sea / I Still Love You (2.11)
6. It Could Work / Our Own Luck (3.13)
7. Dad and Daughters (1.01)
8. Waiting for Angus (2.20)
9. The Race Begins / The Race Part Two / End of Race (9.36) Excellent track
10. End Credits (4.18)

Bonus Tracks
11. Tangerine (2.46)
12. Dolores (2.04)

Critical Condition
13. Main Title (Revised) (2.22)
14. Escape (0.24)
15. Ambulance Romp (1.38)
16. A Close Shave / Stucky in Focus / The Operation (1.42)
17. Tommy Pinto (2.07)
18. A Good Team (0.51)
19. Dead Cop / The Jig is Up (1.29)
20. Kevin Returns (2.43)
21. The Chase (4.19)
22. Our Little Secret (1.40)

Bonus Tracks
23. Main Title (alternate A) (2.16)
24. Main Title (alternate B) (2.19)

Total Length: 55.49
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Released by

Quartet Records QR151 (limited release 2014)

Conducted by

Alan Silvestri

Orchestrations by

James B. Campbell