Something Wicked This Way Comes (Rejected)

Georges Delerue

" Except for the main theme, a depressingly dark experience "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

The introduction to Hollywood didn't go as planned for Georges Delerue when he was first hired and later replaced for the movie Something Wicked This Way Comes. In one way, it's all about the pace and the feel of a movie, and when re edits are done, and new scenes are shot you know the music more or less has to change too. The new direction was drastic for Delerue's score (replaced later by James Horner) and until now only a suite on a compilation was the only proof Delerue ever scored it. This release by Intrada confirms perhaps the slow but steady pace of the film, as Delerue's score never catches fire one way or another. His low dark music is foreboding but kinda boring too. The eerie choir works but adds nothing else to the score. The sombre slow moving march for Mr. Dark is actually in one way depressing, and the most propulsive moment comes way at the end of the score. In fact, Delerue's dark score doesn't really enthrall. It's only in the emotional uplifting moments that this score is quite amazing. Sadly and I never expected this, here these versions are performed way too fast. I fell in love with the magical gypsy theme ("Mirrors") and the astounding main theme ("Respect It", "End Credits") but both versions are played way too fast, while the absolutely sensational performance is held for the final 6 minutes on the compilation score Great Composers: Georges Delerue. Believe me, this 12 minute suite is in fact everything you need of Something Wicked This Way Comes, and it's much more magical when it's played on a slower pace. Regrettable actually considering both tunes alone could enlighten what is pretty much a depressing score.

The main theme and gypsy tune are the saving graces of the score.
In fact, the main theme is for me his most brilliant theme of all (and quite simply this was rejected).
Sadly those performances are also too quickly performed, not like say on the compilation piece.
Most of the music is depressing, dark, eerie and kinda boring.

Track List

1. Main Title (2.24)
2. Halloway's Coffin (1.05)
3. Halloway's Bedroom (1.01)
4. Nite Time Carnival (4.18)
5. Calliope (Mr. Dark Theme) (2.34)
6. Crosetti (1.21)
7. Mirrors (2.45)
8. Respect It (1.57)
9. Come On (Alternate) (3.19)
10. Meeting Robert (1.11)
11. Young Miss Foley (1.15)
12. Music Box (Ending 3) And Cooger (0.44)
13. Stop It (1.47)
14. You'll Live Forever (3.11)
15. Bleeding Hand (0.30)
16. Funeral March – Version 2 (Mr. Dark Theme) (2.02)
17. The Library (Revised) (2.45)
18. The First Witch (2.48)
19. 2nd Dust Witch (0.46)
20. Hall of Mirrors (4.41)
21. Dark Dies (4.43)
22. End Credits (3.51) Excellent track

Bonus Tracks
23. Come On (Original) (1.11)
24. Music Box (Ending 1) (0.33)
25. Music Box (Ending 2) (0.35)
26. Funeral March – Version 1 (Mr. Dark Theme) (2.25)
27. The Library (Original) (1.49)
28. End Credits – Alternate (With Harmonica Intro) (3.48)
29. Band – First Parade (2.43)
30. Band – 2nd Parade (1.20)
31. Calliope – Frenzied Tonal Music (2.29)
32. Calliope – Low Pedal Notes (1.23)
33. Calliope Collage (Includes Mr. Dark Theme) (4.35)

Total Length: 73.49
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Released by

Intrada Special Collection Volume 337 (regular release 2015)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue