Slodki Koniec Dnia

Daniel Bloom and Leszek Mo?d?er

" Both come from different musical worlds; Bloom from electronic and Modzer from jazz. "

Written by Joep de Bruijn - Review of the regular release

Slodki Koniec Dnia (Dolce Fine Giornata) is 2019 Polish film, directed by Jacek Borcuch . The film tells the story of a successful Polish poet, living the ideal life in the Italian Provence. One day, her peace is brutally interrupted, as she hear the new of an terrorist attack in Rome. This makes a huge impact on her, and so in a speech for her honouree citizenship, she expresses her personal and emotional, uncompromising political views, which have dramatic consequences.

The music was composed by the Polish artists-composer Daniel Bloom, featuring Leszek Możdżer. It marks their fourth collaboration, preceded by the scores to Nieulotne, Wszystko Co Kocham and Tullpiany. Both come from different musical worlds; Bloom from electronic and Możdżer from jazz. Możdżer has worked with some of the greatest Polish film composers (Preisner Kaczmarek), has written some great solo albums, while being known for his talent to adapt and work with other musician for wonderful crossover albums. I have such great esteem for his overall careerBloom is slightly more isolated in his musical world, but on scores he finds other people to work with to contradict his own musical style.

For Slodki Koniec Dnia some of the music is credited solely to Bloom,or both to him and Możdżer, while for some parts Mozdzer only receives a performance credit. The music credit ´featuring´ that Możdżer receives is rather foggy. I know what it generally means, but on a work such as this, based on the detailed tracklist and the music, I believe a co-composer is more appropriate.

Bloom uses analog synths and keyboards in cues solely written and performed by himself. These pieces, such as Volettera and Sea Theme, sound from a different, nostalgic age, usually evocative and calm in nature, attractive electronic pieces really. These bits of music reflect rather on the main characters inner world and variety of emotions. I found them to be rather moving at times. In collaboration with Możdżer few other cues extend on this path, only to feature the piano playing of Możdżer, which sounds like understated piano playing, or the piano being drowned underneath the other sounds.

But for Night theme and Montegemoli, cello´s and the clear sound of Możdżer on piano, create the more traditional cues, but they remain routine dramatic pieces. I think throughout the score the ambience of the analog synths of Bloom is by far the most effective dramatic element.

In broader aspect of reflecting on the meeting of two different musical worlds, some pieces either use clubscene sounds or jazzy sounds. New Porshe and Nazeer´s Club music represent the clubscene, both not interesting at all. But in their typical collaborations, the jazz element is somewhat better exploited by Modzer, in the traditional Family Theme , with piano, drums and pass, and Commisario with the great hammond organ.

Slodki Koniec Dnia is subject to criticism from different point of views. In all collaborations between Możdżer and Bloom, this is by far the weakest link, the overall the outspoken , characteristic sound of Możdżer is entirely absent and I feel that the electronic, retro sound of the Bloom cues are the only to make some impression. I have not experienced the music in the context, which makes the rather varied, but unorganised music particularly difficult to judge. To some extent, the inner soul of the main character seems well communicated, her feelings of doubts, love and passion come out nicely. Sadly, most of the score is mediocre at best. Released digitally and on cd by Warner Music Poland.

1. Fishermen 1:54 Composed by Daniel Bloom
2. Night Theme 1:48 Composed by Daniel Bloom/Leszek Możdżer (featuring Leszek Możdżer on piano)
3. Family Theme 3:04 Composed by Daniel Bloom
4. Poetessa 4:25 Composed by Daniel Bloom
5. Nazeer's Club 3:16 Composed by Daniel Bloom
6. Volterra 2:02 Composed by Daniel Bloom
7. New Porshe 3:45 Composed by Daniel Bloom
8. Montegemoli 1:52 Composed by Daniel Bloom/Leszek Możdżer (featuring Leszek Możdżer on piano)
9. Commissario 3:23 Composed by Daniel Bloom/Leszek Możdżer (featuring Leszek Możdżer on Hammond Organ)
10. Malak 2:07 Composed by Daniel Bloom/Leszek Możdżer (featuring Leszek Możdżer on piano)
11. Sea Theme 2:09 Composed by Daniel Bloom
12. The Cage 4:18 Composed by Daniel Bloom (featuring Leszek Możdżer on piano)
13. Unthinkable 4:28 Composed by Daniel Bloom/Leszek Możdżer (featuring Leszek Możdżer on piano)

Total duration 38:31
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Released by

Warner Music Poland (regular release 2019)