Christopher Young

" Sleep walk through Sleepwalking "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Sleepwalking I'm afraid does it's title justice. The score begins rather well in the first couple of tracks (song included), but loses interest the moment you start to realize it doesn't continue on that light dramatic road. In the end it's even downright dark and somber. It loses appeal rather quickly I'm afraid. Christopher Young's a fine composer, but somehow I tend to miss the emotion, the feeling behind this dramatic tale. Perhaps it wasn't needed for the picture, but I often remembered Young being the kind of composer who delivered emotion where others couldn't. Sleepwalking sadly isn't that score, but more background material. It doesn't have the emotional material, it keeps it rather emotionless and it doesn't interest me much I'm afraid. Too bad!

Mixture between light dramatic music and Thomas Newman esque quirkiness, it works to a certain degree.
Scores like these need a theme, for whatever reason Young doesn't deliver it here.
The score focuses too much on the quirkiness, the somberness, the moody-ness rather than going for the heart.
When a score dwells too much on the background, it hurts when it's too long as well.

Track Listing

1. Come On, Come Out: A Fine Frenzy (3.39)
2. Sleepwalking (4.28)
3. Heavens to Be Had (1.59)
4. The Water Waltz (2.25)
5. Twister Hearts, Broken Souls (2.36)
6. Losing to You (2.38)
7. Vanish (1.32)
8. Wishing Well Blues (3.51)
9. How Old Do I? (1.17)
10. Three Angels Underground (2.40)
11. Fire Flowers (3.19)
12. Kriskraft (2.44)
13. Ferris Wheel (2.16)
14. Sparkle Road (1.41)
15. She's a Dead Diamond Dancer (2.13)
16. Mad Bad Dad (5.50)
17. Shine On (7.45)

Total Length: 52.53
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Released by

Lakeshore Records LKS 33994 (regular release 2008)

Orchestrations by

Damon Ebner & Sean McMahon

Performed by

The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra