Christopher Young

" Young pulls the insanity right out of you "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Christopher Young has been an original voice for many years, but somehow he took this too literally the moment he started composing for Sinister. Sure he has done horror before, so a new approach was needed to keep things fresh. Still things need to be either interesting or memorable, and considering Sinister's neither, it will become more the horror experience during it. There's hardly anything here worth mentioning (apart from say the brief Halloween ideas in "Sinister"). If more one could say Young just elevated the experience by enhancing the sound in the music. This is basically SFX in a nutshell, sampled voices, screeching noises and a lot of atonal dissonance that doesn't form a single (melodic) idea. Gone is when Young went Gothic on us, and he could have done it Hellraiser style, but perhaps then there would be nothing sinister about Sinister. This is a non attempt of a score, a soundfest that tells you in 4 minutes what Varèse squeezed in 60 minutes. A festivity of atrocious sounds bread for one purpose: to destroy the world of soundtracks. I know it has its effect in the film, but they never should have unleashed a CD of it. It should have stayed where it still had some kind of purpose.

As strangely as it sounds, it has some kind of purpose in the film.
One track tried to form some kind of melodic content, "Sinister".
But let us be honest, this is atrocious to listen to.
vocals, sampled noises, lots of synthesizer effects, it's like the SFX came to overpower the music.
Varèse tried to make money on one of the worst sounding experiences of my life, and this for 60 minutes long.
I know Young wanted to be original, but never again on CD.

Track Listing

1. Portrait of Mr. Boogie (6.56)
2. Never Go in Dad's Office (4.47)
3. Levantation (3.51)
4. The Horror in the Canisters (4.13)
5. My Sick Piano (6.07)
6. Rot Not, Want Not (3.35)
7. Don't Worry Daddy, I'll Make You Famous Again (0.55)
8. Millimeter Music (3.21)
9. Pollock Type Pain (2.48)
10. The Eater of Children (4.50)
11. Sinister (4.25)
12. Sin Sister Sweet (Suite From The "Sinister" Film Score) (9.38)
13. Sinister Remix (The Rite of Left) (5.30)

Total Length: 60.56
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande 302 067 173 2 (regular release 2012)

Orchestrations by

Sebastian C. Besquet, Thomas Parisch, Megumi Sasano , Laurent Ziliani & Christopher Young