Georges Delerue

" Drama and bounciness into one "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

The drama Silkwood (nominated for 5 Oscars) didn't receive the Oscar winning score by Georges Delerue. For that the drama was at times too dark and too depressing. It also didn't receive the Oscar winning album, because for that most of the cues were way too short. But there's still something to be found here. At least there's some bounciness here that comes like a breath of fresh air. The mandolin and pleasantness of the main theme surely brings a tiny smile to your face. What's not pleasant but definitely decent is the love theme. It's okay but will not be remembered over time. And what's not that memorable are the several darker cues that bring forth the depressing nature of the story. Still in the end, all those violins surge during "Epilogue and End Titles", but again this is a rarity. Sadly there still needs to be a moment of intrusive dialogue, giving the music listener again shivers when experiencing it. Luckily the music during this scene wasn't of particular greatness. All in all Silkwood will be remembered more for its bounciness than for its drama.

The fun factor of the album, the mandolin main theme.
One stirring string moment at the end is all we receive.
Dialogue has no business, not in the least when it involves the actresses sobbing during it.
The love theme is rather unmemorable, despite being highly effective and necessary for the story in general.

Track Listing

1. Main Titles (1.15)
2. Drew's Theme (1.09)
3. Ride to Texas (2.22)
4. Ride From Texas (1.21)
5. Largo (3.13)
6. Karen is Contaminated (0.39)
7. Legato (1.08)
8. Karen and Drew on the Porch (2.44)
9. Down the Highway (0.59)
10. Love Theme (3.18)
11. Down the Highway (Reprise) (0.57)
12. Drew Leaves Karen (1.16)
13. Karen Looks Through Files (0.58)
14. Pretty Little Horses Lullaby * (3.26)
15. Karen Has a Car Accident (1.23)
16. After Stripping Karen's House of her Possessions (1.19)
17. Drew Walks Through the Empty House (2.34)
18. Largo Desolato (0.48)
19. Amazing Grace (Traditional): Meryl Streep (3.36)
20. Epilogue and End Titles (2.44)

* Contains dialogue by Meryl Streep & Cher

Total Length: 37.09
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Released by

DRG Records 6107 (regular release 1984)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue