Salvador / Platoon

Georges Delerue

" 2 Oliver Stone war scores "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

This double release of Prometheus delivers two raw war drama's, for 2 acclaimed Oliver Stone movies. It must have been harsh then for Oliver Stone to reject one significant theme of Delerue for Platoon, while keeping or asking Delerue back for the other film. Anyway, Say Platoon and you say Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings, a combination that can't be burned out of the public's conscience, not after it so masterfully captured Willem Dafoe's death on screen. Delerue's own string adagio is a little less potent, but somehow I feel it would have worked as well. It's hard to realize Platoon without Barber's music, and yet somehow Delerue's own dramatic stamp is an equally memorable one. Sadly for him now a little less memorable. For Salvador, Delerue really went abrasive. This 12 track selection has a lot of harshness and attacking music, often ignited by brass and drums. Only in the wonderful end "Love Theme / Finale" does Delerue deliver his known lyrical drama, delivering beauty to an otherwise horrific tale. Both scores in one way or another complement each other, if only for the wonderful pairing of the love theme of Salvador and the string theme of Platoon. Prometheus re released it in 2006, for the world to hear and the Delerue fans to re experience it again.

The love theme of Salvador is a beauty, and for Delerue fanatics the one true gem of the selection.
Delerue's own adagio might not have the same grandeur as Barber's, it's an equally strong string adagio.
Both scores complement each other well, even though Salvador is the harsh one.
Platoon is nothing without Samuel Barber's own adagio, even though it has dialogue in the beginning.
Salvador is pretty harsh and abrasive, it takes some time to accept it from melodic king Delerue.

Salvador: ***
Platoon: ***12

Track Listing

1. Main Title "Salvador" (2.21)
2. El Playon (2.08)
3. At the Border (1.09)
4. The Road Block (1.18)
5. The Assassination (1.56)
6. Carlos is Dead (0.50)
7. Tanks and Troops (1.18)
8. Salvador (0.58)
9. Goodbye, Maria (1.32)
10. Siege at Santa Ana (3.05)
11. The Mourners (1.18)
12. Love Theme - Finale (4.08) Excellent track

13. Main Title "Platoon" (2.19)
14. Bunker to Village (3.17)
15. Sorrow (1.52)
16. Barnes Shoots Elias / The Turning Point (4.58)
17. The Soul of an Innocent (2.28) Excellent track
18. Killing Barnes / Aftermath (1.52)
19. Finale (5.28) Excellent track
20. "Adagio for Strings" * (6.52) Excellent track

* Composed by Samuel Barber, narrated by Charlie Sheen

Total Length: 51.07
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Released by

Prometheus PCD136 (regular release 2006)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue