Rio Conchos

Jerry Goldsmith

" Rio cogones is here "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the collector's edition

Goldsmith's Western scores were always a treat to discover, if not for the catchy theme that would surprise us, then for the creative assembly of instruments he would unleash upon us. In a way Rio Conchos has both. The main theme is ever so catchy and fun, a representation of how a theme needs to be. Memorable and creative. Just listen to the creative playing in "Rio Conchos Main Title" or the powerful versions in "Bandits Ho" and "Wall of Fire", stunning tracks that sound even more breathtaking now due to the remastering. Meaning, as explained on the Intrada site, both composer and engineer stated the album was amongst the best sounding they had ever made. And who I am to disagree? In between Jerry is creatively toying around with instruments to recreate the sound of the old west. These are not highlights but examples nonetheless of how filmmusic sounded back in those days. The darker cues near the end are a bit moody, but the send off in "Special Delivery" is surely classical Goldsmith. Rio Conchos has seen it's releases during the years. Even after this release in 2013, Kritzerland released another (larger) version of it. But somehow for me Rio Conchos is not the same without The Agony and the Ecstasy before it. And boy does it sound ever so more impressive. So, sorry to all the other labels but Intrada surely deserves the points on this one. If only for the stunning sound quality Rio Cogones now possesses.

Theme is a winner. It doesn't matter in what version, it continues to dazzle us.
In action mode there was none better than Jerry Goldsmith.
Boy oh boy, the sound quality makes it even better than ever before.
Rio Conchos is nothing without its masterful opening of The Agony and the Ecstasy. Goldsmith heaven for sure.

Track Listing

The Agony and the Ecstasy
1. Rome / Florence / The Crucifix / The Stone Giants / The Agony of Creation (12.37) Excellent track

2. Rio Conchos Main Title (2.26) Excellent track
3. Where's the Water (1.55)
4. Bandits Ho (7.00)
5. The River (2.04)
6. River Crossing (4.22)
7. The Aftermath (2.06)
8. Wall of Fire (2.21) Excellent track
9. Lonely Indian (3.25)
10. Chief Bloodshirt (2.27)
11. The Corral (2.45)
12. Free Men / The Intruder (6.00)
13. Special Delivery (6.12)
14. End Cast * (0.22)

Bonus Tracks
15. Wall of Fire * (2.19) Excellent track
16. End Cast Take 1 * (0.59)

* World Premiere Release

Total Length: 59.20
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Released by

Intrada Excalibur Collection MAF 7126 (regular release 2013)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations by

Arthur Morton

Performed by

the London Symphony Orchestra