Pr├ęparez vos Mouchoirs

Georges Delerue

" The Mozart in Delerue "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

Préparez Vos Mouchoirs is a lovely albeit (occasionally) dramatic listen which gives Delerue the opportunity to deliver us the Mozart in him. The whole score is performed by the piano and strings that return in the Concerto at the end of the score (a reference as well to the admiration the characters have for the classical composer in the film). Apart from the occasional flutes (the Delerue influence), this score is pretty much a soft and dramatic affair. The notable exception comes from the upbeat "La Poursuite". All in all, quite easy and lovely to listen to, but apart from the lovely opening track, it didn't continue to capture me.

Lovely opening track for piano and strings.
Whole score is more or less based on the piano and strings, a reference to the admiration the characters have for Mozart.
In the end, only the opening track remained the most interesting one

Track Listing

1. Solange et Christian (7.05)
2. La menace (1.47)
3. Dans la Forêt (1.56)
4. La Poursuite (1.45)
5. Solange Sort de l'Hôpital (0.35)
6. Le Rapt (1.41)
7. Solange endormie (1.51)
8. Les tests (2.12)
9. Raoul et Stéphane Abandonnés (0.45)
10. Après l'Accident (2.03)
11. Christian Dans la Forêt (0.40)
12. Solange et Stéphane (4.06)
13. La Poursuite (unreleased) (1.49)
14. Concerto pour Piano et Orchestre n°21 en Do Majeur, K.467 : II. Andante * (7.34)

* Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, conducted by Georges Delerue

Total Length: 35.49
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Released by

Music Box Records MBR-081 (limited release 2016)