No Mercy

Alan Silvestri

" No Mercy is decent, nothing more "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

No Mercy was one of the weaker failures of Richard Gere's career before he made his name in the early 90's. Starring Kim Basinger, it was also one of Alan Silvestri's efforts that was forgotten during his breakthrough efforts Back to the Future and Predator. And not surprisingly, you hear a lot of Predator in this, especially in the tribal rhythms and jungle sounds ("Like your Friend"). The score is once again fully synthesized, and while not terribly outdated, it's a sound that works better if the music is up to par.

The theme is decent ("No Mercy Main Title", "The Delivery", "What do you Say? / No Mercy Main Title (Reprise)") but not one you'll be humming or even remembering. The synthesized saxophone in "Michel Arrives" somehow works, but then again I suppose that was for all things during that era. But the thing that dominates is the more suspenseful material. Effective yes, but it's the same after a while too. Beats and various darker sounds dominate during this (once again totally effective). An exception are the more uplifting beats of "Blue Parrot", reminding me of the more bouncy rhythms of Flight of the Navigator (same year). All in all, No Mercy works and will please some people. But overall, there's more to enjoy from Alan Silvestri later in his career.

Track Listing

1. No Mercy Main Title (3.10)
2. The Barge (3.44)
3. The Delivery (1.22)
4. River Crash (2.38)
5. After Glow (2.26)
6. Like Your Friend (1.55)
7. Losado's Woman (3.23)
8. Michel Arrives (2.29)
9. Tailed (1.27)
10. Blue Parrot (4.06)
11. I Was Late (1.39)
12. What Do You Say? / No Mercy Main Title (Reprise) (4.35)

Total Length: 32.54
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Released by

Silva Screen LP FILM 015 (regular release 1987)