Memories of Me

Georges Delerue

" Memories of Delerue "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

Memories of Me is one of those smooth listens of Georges, the kind that just offers a nice time. At least if you're not disliking jazz, because there's a lot of that here. The typical dramatic powerhouse cues of Delerue are hardly to be found here. So be ready to accept a little jazz if you don't mind. That doesn't take away this score is pretty diverse in its intentions. If we move to "Mexico", be sure to get those warm trumpets. If someone's experiencing "Reminiscing / X-Ray / Abe's Aneurism", be sure Delerue responds in subtle but sad drama nonetheless. One of the finest cues is "Confrontation", the first of several moments where Delerue goes out of the jazz comfort-zone, and unleashes a nice Platoon esque dramatic cue. And just for the record, the jazz of "Pony Ride" does bare a lot of resemblances with Horner's jazz of Cocoon. The end is particulary nice, with several of the expected Delerue string cues, delivering a pleasing closure. Memories of Me is in general very accessible. And while not offering anything particularly noteworthy, it remains a fine and pleasant score nonetheless.

"Confrontation" is almost a romantic Platoon cue, very rewarding after all that smooth jazz.
The end is definitely nice, with several typical Delerue cues.
A good score, not a great one.

Track Listing

1. Main Title (2.10)
2. Bedtime Dreams #1 (0.52)
3. Beethoven: Ninth Symphony, Op. 125 (Excerpt) * (2.51)
4. Bedtime Dreams #2 (0.53)
5. Home Movies (0.42)
6. Abe's Apartment (2.43)
7. Abe & Abbie do Their Thing (2.53)
8. Confrontation (3.06)
9. Mexico (1.29)
10. Reminiscing / X-Ray / Abe's Aneurism (4.51)
11. Pony Ride (1.46)
12. El Pasadero (1.07)
13. End Title (3.21)
14. End Cast (2.34)

* Adapted and conducted by Georges Delerue

Total Length: 31.18
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Released by

Intrada Special Collection Volume 98 (limited release 2009)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue

Orchestrations by

Georges Delerue & Jack Smalley