Love Happens

Christopher Young

" Christopher Young happens to be here "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Love Happens is like driving with your bicycle in the summer on a lonely road. You know nothing bad is going to happen because it is just that pleasant and light. It's easy to appreciate this, and it flows fluently forward until it reaches ... the end. Basically you can see that as good or bad. It's true this isn't a complex score, and it will hardly win hearts if you realize you can summarize the entire score in one single track ("Love Happened" of 6 minutes long). It didn't need such a long release and it will not attract a lot of buyers. It's just pleasant background material with enough bouncy tunes and light guitar and piano music, light reading, light listening, a light rating.

Pleasant lovely and bouncy music.
It's not gonna change a lot, it's hardly inventive and it will not set your world upside down.

Track Listing

1. Love Happens (3.21)
2. Kaleidoscope Christmas (2.20)
3. A World in the Three Colors (2.20)
4. It's MMM... Good (1.51)
5. Crystal Flowers (2.15)
6. Walk the Talk (1.32)
7. Around or Through? (3.57)
8. Past Isn't (3.37)
9. Joy Within Each Thought (1.58)
10. Groove E (1.34)
11. Each Decorated Ditch (2.45)
12. Vodka Logic (3.44)
13. Mind Noise (4.23)
14. Cinnamon Life (2.47)
15. We're A-OK (3.12)
16. Love Happened (6.07)

Bonus Tracks
17. Baggage Blister Hoedown (1.55)
18. A Consonant Cry (3.06
19. A Dissonant Discourse (2.59)
20. Why The Hell Am I In Heaven? (2.40)
21. Not Really Postlude (3.21)
22. Freud Who? (1.54)
23. Fast Toward The Eye (Of Lorelei) (3.49)

Total Length: 67.27
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Released by

La-La Land Records LLLCD 1124 (regular release 2010)

Conducted by

Pete Anthony

Orchestrations by

Christopher Young, Brandon Verrett, Jon Kull, Sean McMahon, Sujin Nam & Kostas Christides