Les Deux Anglaises et Le Continent

Georges Delerue

" The drama is OK, the dialogue is not "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

A dramatic movie is often gold coming from Georges Delerue, and even if Les Deus Anglaises et le Continent has its moments, it's foremost a somber dramatic affair. The main theme and the moments of beauty are typically lovely, an expected Delerue treat. During the middle that beauty is somewhat lost in the slightly heavy drama and it's reflected on Delerue's music. Luckily this never becomes too heavy so that the quality is never lost. What does burden the soundtrack are the 4 dialogue tracks, dialogue from begin to end. The music is of then of no matter anymore but just an utter distraction as it are the dialogues that takes over. This is a thing I hate about soundtracks, and even more when it's unannounced. It definitely hurts the rating and it are 4 tracks you can literally flush down the toilet. For Delerue fans there's a lovely main theme and several moments of dramatic beauty. For casual fans, search your luck on one of the compilations that probably has the highlight of this score. So you can easily avoid the dialogue which is definitely a pain in the ass.

Lovely main theme, having the typical lyrical Delerue touch.
Several moments of beauty.
The music is lovely yet somber, the drama is a little bit on the heavy side from time to time.
The dialogue tracks are an utter distraction, comes out of nowhere and takes up almost the entire tracks.

Track Listing

1. Anne et Claude au Musée (2.32)
2. Le Désespoir de Muriel (3.54)
3. Muriel (0.35)
4. La Passion de Muriel (1.05)
5. La Déclaration d'Amour (2.27)
6. La Séparation (0.41)
7. Prologue (2.22)
8. Le Baiser à la Religieuse (1.11)
9. Les Retrouvailles (0.43)
10. La Rupture (2.23)
11. Epilogue (3.47)
12. Une Petite Ile (1.36)
13. Récit de Madame Brown * (4.18)
14. Anne et Claude (2.08)
15. Confession de Muriel * (3.37)
16. Le Voyage en Perse (0.42)
17. Aveux d'Anne à Muriel * (4.14))
18. Muriel et Claude (1.35)
19. Epilogue * (2.03)

* Contains dialogue

Total Length: 41.53
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Released by

Hortensia CD FMC 600 (regular release 1991)