Le Conformiste / La Petite Fille en Velours Bleu

Georges Delerue

" 2 obscure listens of the 60's "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

Music Box Records delivers 2 scores from Delerue, both of them being a little obscure. The first Le Conformiste is at one end a soft affair from Delerue, at the other end a palette of tango's, foxtrots and various source cues. And though effective, they aren't for everyone. No, then the decent main theme and the fun theme for Ester (heard twice on the album) are the better deal. Not enough for a recommendation but still a decent affair from the maestro. The same can be said about La Petite Fille en Velours Bleu, but I still find it an even less interesting affair than Le Conformiste. Various jazz cues and a couple of somber pieces don't deliver the beauty of a common Delerue score. It lacks the theme that distinguishes it from the rest, the thematic resonance to keep us hooked or the overall flair. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with it, it just lacks the spark I was looking for. 2 scores for the price of 1, but hardly the long lost treasures of the composer. For the fans only, and then some.

Fun theme for "Ester", a highlight in an other words average listen.
Sound quality is really good considering the time it was recorded.
Le Conformiste holds too many source cues, tango's, foxtrots, you name it. Despite being ok, they aren't the material I wanted from Delerue or the producers.
The second score is decent, but can't grab my attention. It lacks interesting emotional resonance to keep me satisfied.

Le Conformiste: ***
La Petite Fille en Velours Bleu: ***

Track Listing

Il Conformista
1. Générique Début * (2.48)
2. Hôtel Palais d'Orsay * (1.21)
3. Les Clerici * (1.47)
4. O.K. Bull (2.39)
5. Couleurs de Paris (1.51)
6. Violettes de Parme * (1.31)
7. Foxtrot du Maestro Delerue * (2.12)
8. Ester (2.08)
9. Le Ministre * (1.16)
10. Fiacre (2.01)
11. Il Conformista (2.18)
12. École de Danse * (2.05)
13. Tango di Rabbia (1.45)
14. Campagnola (2.29)
15. Cinque su Dieci (2.22)
16. Gravita' Estrema (0.59)
17. Anna, Ester et Marcello * (2.17)
18. Valzer del Conformista (2.58)

La Petite Fille en Velours Bleu
19. Thème de Laura (2.12)
20. La Déposition (1.52)
21. Danse des Nostalgiques (1.17)
22. Conrad et Francesca (0.52)
23. Mike (1.42)
24. Conrad et Laura (3.20)
25. La mort de Macha (2.08)
26. L'accident (1.51)
27. Fête Chez les Casarès (3.35)
28. Le Bar des Alliés (1.29)
29. La Petite Fille en Velours Bleu (1.50)

* previously unreleased

Total Length: 54.47
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Released by

Music Box Records MBR-022 (limited release 2013)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue