Le Bon Plaisir

Georges Delerue

" Le Bon pleasantness and average-ness "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

Le Bon Plaisir is a melange from Delerue trademarks. It's got a nice harmonica theme that immediately sticks in the mind, several dramatic plus points that heighten the feel and drama of the story, several aristocratic fanfares for the time and place, and several somber pieces that give away the seriousness and darkness of the secret. It's in general a score that has highs and lows, lows which often become a little boring. But the highs are better and don't degrade this score to average-ness. Especially the harmonica theme is a treat, wishing it would almost receive a warm and full orchestral performance some day (something that hasn't been done yet for a compilation piece). In general food and treats for Delerue fans, for I believe they will appreciate the lows a bit easier than some.

The harmonica theme is a treat and a calm gentle breeze throughout the score.
Various dramatic plus points keep this score from becoming average.
Considering the story, it's appropriate to have somber dark pieces, but still they come over as rather forgetful.

Track List

1. Thème du Président (0.59)
2. Générique début (4.34)
3. Thème de Mike (1.11)
4. Voyage en Syldavie (1.22)
5. Chantage / Pierre Interroge Claire (2.01)
6. Pollux chez Claire (1.40)
7. La Lettre du Président (0.41)
8. Partie d'échecs (1.32)
9. Le Portefeuille (3.05)
10. Le Complot - 1ère Version (2.19)
11. Arrivée au Château (0.23)
12. Claire et le Président (2.34)
13. Ballade Américaine (1.58) Excellent track
14. Mort de Pierre (2.13)
15. Marche Funèbre (0.47)
16. Le Complot - 2ème version (2.17)
17. La Bibliothèque de la Résidence (2.08)
18. Suicide d'Herbert (2.26)
19. Hymne à L'américaine (0.38)
20. Pierre et Herbert (1.50)
21. Générique Fin (3.07)

Total Length: 39.45
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Released by

Music Box Records MBR-003 (limited release 2011)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue