Georges Delerue

" It ain't wolves or lions but Elephants that drive Delerue to his most epic voice. "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

L'Africain is the Dances with Wolves of Georges Delerue, his Out of Africa, the one where he delivers an epic main theme that will be remembered in time. Now available in wonderful sound quality, it makes it the score to have for you Delerue fans. This combination of the epic main theme and the song theme is the driving force of L'Africain, the thing that makes it stand out amongst the other Delerue drama's. The waltzes in between (a necessity amongst the many Delerue scores) are actually a lot more interesting too, creating enough film influence to keep em interesting even for the non classicist. And despite lacking a moment where the theme gets a wonderful variation, it's a strong soundtrack all the same. However, perhaps the finest reason to acquire this release is because they inserted a 17 minute bonus cue at the end (various selections of films by Philippe de Broca), a suite of various Delerue themes in wonderful sound quality. After all, hearing Cartouche like this or on the 1989 Prometheus release makes a ton of difference. This suite follows these escapades after that with Chère Louise, Le Diable Par la Queue and a strong potent version of the Chouans theme. All the merrier for you Delerue fans who receives through this 3 potent main theme versions of 3 different epic Delerue scores.

The main theme is one to remember, an epic and wonderful opener for sure.
The song theme (aka love theme) is quite memorable as well, especially in the version "L'espoir".
Even the waltzes entertain me more, they carry a sort of filmmusic influence over them.
The suite is a wonderful bonus, clear potent versions of Cartouche and Chouans are enough reason to buy this score.
Despite not all tracks being memorable, it is the suite that gives it the 4 star rating.
Perhaps a variation of the main theme would have elevated this score even more.

Track Listing

1. Face to Face: Vivian Reed (3.45)
2. L'Africain (Ouverture) (3.34) Excellent track
3. Nostalgie de Victor (2.27)
4. Soirée Chez Patterson (1.25)
5. Poulakis et sa Bande (3.07)
6. Valse Boston (1.39)
7. Charlotte Abandonnée * (2.19)
8. Sur la Piste des Eléphants (3.10)
9. Victor et Charlotte (3.17)
10. Marche Militaire (1.15)
11. L'espoir (2.13) Excellent track
12. Victor Sauve les Eléphants (3.11)
13. Le Bar de l'Hôtel (2.05)
14. Voltige Aérienne (2.31)
15. A Bientôt, Charlotte (2.07)
16. L'adieu à l'Afrique (2.31) Excellent track
17. Face to Face (version instrumentale) * (3.48)
18. Suite Symphonique de Broca ** (17.01) Excellent track

* Piano by Raymond Alessandrini
** Performed by Orchestre Symphonique de la Radio Slovaque, conducted by David Hernando Rico

Total Length: 61.25
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Released by

Universal France 370 479 0 (regular release 2012)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue