Joe Versus The Volcano

Georges Delerue

" One of his best "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

One of the last true romantic scores of Georges Delerue became one of his best. Because you can't think bad thoughts of Joe Versus the Volcano. Blessed with 2 lovely themes, a couple of catchy saxophone versions, a stirring dramatic stormy cue, a cool variation on 2 well known songs and a breathtaking end cue make this even one of the ever best produced soundtracks. It's true, the diversity, variations and selection makes this one of the few scores of Delerue I enjoyed from start to finish. Somehow there's always something new around the corner, no matter how much Delerue repeats the 2 themes. After all there's a big difference when he delivers it through saxophone or soft orchestra. And besides, there's a music box melody that's important as well, delivering some kind of magical effect on the unbelievable but nonetheless happy ending story. Ah, Delerue was always a master, but in those many period drama's it was more about the waltzes than the themes. Here he found an incredible balance between the themes. And with enough variation and color he blessed this score with an incredible passion and joy. The limited edition is then also one of his most beloved.

2 truly wonderful themes, plus a charming music box melody. Charm aplenty.
The variation and diversity is one of this album's biggest strengths.
The saxophone adds incredible color to the themes.
I adore the 2 versions of "Hava Nagila and When Johnny Comes Marching Home", the danger fanfares behind it make it even more special.
The end cue is Delerue heaven. A romantic orgasm.
Kudos to whoever produced this album. It's not too long, not too short, diverse enough.
Even with a second limited release, it's once again out of print. Sad to those who once again missed their opportunity.

Track Listing

1. Once Upon A Time... (0.21)
2. Brain Cloud (3.05)
3. Dinner with Dee Dee (2.04)
4. Love Theme (1.12)
5. Joe Alone (0.26)
6. Graynamore's Pitch (1.53)
7. I'll Do It (1.19)
8. New York (0.28)
9. Shopping Spree (2.16) Excellent track
10. Alone in New York (1.32)
11. To the Hotel (0.49)
12. To the Ship (2.43) Excellent track
13. History of the Waponis (0.40)
14. Pat Tells Joe (2.28)
15. Fishing (3.26) Excellent track
16. The Storm and the Rescue (9.09) Excellent track
17. Hava Nagila and When Johnny Comes Marching Home (1.35) Excellent track
18. I've Got to Go (3.29)
19. Explosion and In the Water (2.04)
20. They Sail Away (1.07)
21. End Credits (6.14) Excellent track

Total Length: 48.20
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande Masters Film Music SRS 2014 (limited release 2002)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue