Jerry Goldsmith

" The battle of Inchon fires themes upon us "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

War movies were one of Jerry's trademarks. And even though he already scored some of the most famous war generals Patton and MacArthur in other iconic films, he was entitled to score for MacArthur again in the massive filming of the battle of Inchon. And the score has seen various releases during these past years. This original release of 1988 is the one I'm reviewing here, but recently it has seen re issues in 2006 and 2013. So better go for those versions if you want a taste of the intricacies of Goldsmith's score. Because as expected, detail has always been an option with Goldsmith's music. By far his most striking moment is the main theme which receives wonderful attention in tracks such as "Prologue and Main Title" and "The Landing", but it are the stunning concert finales in "Task Force" and "MacArthur's Arrival" that steal the show. Especially that final minute of each track shows again why Goldsmith remained a master when he goes out for a home run feeling. His ability to make a great track better with an encore that triples its quality. Lay beside that the stirring finish of the main theme in "Inchon Theme", a subdued love theme, a much sweeter children's theme ("The Children" and "The Church") and one of Jerry's most infectious rhythmic tracks "The Tanks" and you get the idea there is much to love here. Occasionally Inchon is quite brute and aggressive (like that opening track), but it are the themes that keep Inchon above par. Again one of those Goldsmith scores that will benefit from an even better sound quality (like the re recordings on Tadlow's The Blue Max proves easily with "Prologue and Main Title" and "Love Theme").

The level of detail and the numerous themes ridicules again most of today's music.
My favorite "Task Force", a tour de force of MacArthur's theme and a stunning encore to boot.
"The Tanks" provides again one of those Goldmith rhythms few composers could match.
A lovely underused children's theme is quite memorable too.
This version still lacks in the sound department, something I hope the re issues rectified.

Track Listing

1. Prologue and Main Title (3.52)
2. Resignation (2.14)
3. The Children (0.48)
4. The Bridge (3.34)
5. The Apology (2.41)
6. The Church (4.44)
7. The Mines (5.10)
8. The Landing (1.20)
9. The 38th Parallel (1.19)
10. Corpses (1.48)
11. Task Force (3.10) Excellent track
12. Medley (2.17)
13. Inchon Harbor (1.16)
14. Love Theme (2.53) Excellent track
15. The Lighthouse (3.17)
16. The Tanks (3.56) Excellent track
17. MacArthur's Arrival (0.53) Excellent track
18. Lim's Death (3.15)
19. The Trucks (3.06)
20. Inchon Theme (3.22) Excellent track

Total Length: 54.55
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Released by

Intrada FMT 8002D (regular release 1988)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations by

Arthur Morton