Georg Elser - Einer Aus Deutschland

Georges Delerue

" One of the less interesting ones "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

A true story about Johann Georg Elser, a quiet carpenter who tried to assassinate Hitler with an explosive device in 1939. Georg Elser - Einer aus Deutschland is one of Delerue's darkest scores. And to be fair, one of his less interesting ones too. I don't need colorful dramatic music to get excited about Delerue, but I still need something to get excited about. Here we lack a theme that sticks in the mind, some highlights to remember it by or something potent to stir up the experience. Thank god the listen is a brief one too (35 minutes) or this could have gone on forever. Again, what's there of music is decent and occasionally interesting ("Elser and Anneliese" which is one of the few moments something hopeful comes along, or the soft dramatic "Wagner and Meyer in the Car"). But in general it lacks something to keep me interested. For me this is a real background affair. Because while being effective, it lacks both the emotional hook and the interesting approach to keep me focused on the subject at hand. Some 10 minutes ain't gonna do it, neither are the 3 German source cues, or the overall tone in general. For fans I suppose who adore Delerue no matter what.

Effective and somber score, it will work inside the picture.
Lacks both the theme and the quality to make it memorable.
At 35 minutes it's even too long.
Hell, even the cover is boring.

Track Listing

1. Main Theme (1.08)
2. Zimmermans Are Taken Away (1.53)
3. Elser Steals Dynamite (1.55)
4. Elser's Arrest (2.37)
5. Elser and the Bomb (2.38)
6. Elser and Anneliese (1.37)
7. Wagner and Meyer in the Car (3.54)
8. No Need (1.28)
9. Advantage (0.41)
10. Kann Denn Liebe Sunde Sein: Rita Schaffer (1.53)
11. Taken by Police (1.40)
12. Waste of Time (1.31)
13. Ich Werde Jede Nacht Von Ihnen Traumen: Herbert Gerlach (1.26)
14. Elser the Artisan (1.25)
15. Anneliese Looks for Elser (1.19)
16. Wagner and Meyer in the Car (Special Version) (1.16)
17. Nur Nicht Aus Liebe Weinen: Rita Schaffer (1.37)
18. Only Three (0.59)
19. Final Theme (4.06)

Total Length: 35.03
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Released by

Big Maxx Records SPV-84-8441 (regular release 1989)