Randy Edelman

" Dragonheart goes straight to the heart "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Dragonheart is perhaps the perfect epitome of Randy Edelman's career. A showcase and highlight of what the man could produce in his prime time. Magical, epic, stirring, tense and soaring. All combined in just 45 minutes. The soaring main theme (which is the tune who everyone will remember long after it) gets absolute prime time moments at the beginning and end, the playful interludes of brother Gilbert ("The Last Dragon Slayer") which ought to fail brings much deserved fluffiness to the score, epic moments of true film music magic ("A Refreshing Swim", "Flight to Avalon") come out of nowhere and continue to dazzle you, darker cues that bring forth Edelman's much expected tension music works surprisingly pleasant and effective ("Einon", "Kyle, The Wheat Boy"), and so forth and so forth. I mean not a second goes to waste here. Dragonheart is a wonderful soundtrack experience and a very rich score that made the movie the cult classic it is today. Say what you will about Randy Edelman, but he did enrich various films with a wonderful sound. And Dragonheart is his very best.

Who wants soaring music? Music that goes to the stars.
The main theme is one of the very best themes out there, it has received cult status and shows what a tune master he was.
Several amazing moments abound, but "A Refreshing Swim" still dares to capture me the most.
Even his tense suspense music is great here.
And his light comedy music is pleasant too, it gives the score the necessary bounciness.
And what a finale! The way movies and scores should end.
Not a moment goes to waste here, perhaps due to the perfect length of the album.

Track Listing

1. The World of the Heart - Main Title (3.20) Excellent track
2. To the Stars (3.14)
3. Wonders of an Ancient Glory (2.23)
4. Einon (3.53) Excellent track
5. The Last Dragon Slayer (4.01) Excellent track
6. Bowen's Ride (2.36) Excellent track
7. Mexican Standoff (2.21)
8. Draco (1.15)
9. A Refreshing Swim (1.26) Excellent track
10. Re-Baptism (2.48)
11. Bowen's Decoy (3.24)
12. Kyle, The Wheat Boy (4.25) Excellent track
13. The Connection (2.26)
14. Flight to Avalon (2.56) Excellent track
15. Finale (5.31) Excellent track

Total Length: 45.59
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Released by

MCA Records MCAD 11449 (regular release 1996)

Conducted by

Randy Edelman

Orchestrations by

Ralph Ferraro