Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire

Mark McKenzie

" Dragonheart 4 is not a return to form for Mark McKenzie "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the download only release

Dragonheart is already at its 4th film, and Mark McKenzie is on board Drago's wing ever since the second one. Though the films were never as successful as the first one, it seems there is still a demand for more. Mark McKenzie sadly never had the opportunity to use an orchestra ever since the lovely second score, so the third and fourth feel somewhat different in sound. In themes, there is always room for the Edelman theme (though it sounds electronic here). So it's too bad that most of the music fails to inspire me apart from the theme. I so wanted to like this score, after all it's Mark McKenzie and he's a theme wizard. But this score is (apart from the 2 Celtic bagpipe moments) quite moody and dark. 2 synthesized theme statements of Edelman's tune are heard, a third in full at the end. But most of this score is quite moody, full of dark percussion that's quite powerful but leaving out the melody. And the dramatic music for strings or cello is quite lovely, but again lacking a strong theme or memorable melody. No, Dragonheart 4 is nothing like Dragonheart 2. The fact it's synthesized is not the issue. Dragonheart 4 doesn't have the themes the second Dragonheart had. It has some playfulness but apart from that it's pretty sombre, and it above all lacks the thematic and melodic voice of Mark McKenzie. I may be harsh now, but I know what the man can deliver. And Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire is definitely one of the weakest scores I've heard of him. Sorry Mark but it never captured me, and it's a first time I can't recommend a score from you.

Score has a couple of lovely Celtic moments ("Show Off", "I Knew It, I'm King" and "Subversive Dance".
Even though it's not orchestral, the main theme of Edelman still shines at the end.
Too bad then it's lacking in the melodic / thematic department. Because don't expect this to be another Dragonheart 2.
It's in fact quite moody, dark and depressing. I lack the passion in Mark McKenzie's music. Hell I can't believe I'm saying this at all.

Track Listing

1. Bewitched Births (2.11)
2. Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire Main Title (0.58)
3. Shared Love, Shared Heart (1.33)
4. Show Off! (1.24)
5. Hold Dear to Your Mother and Father (1.38)
6. I Knew It, I'm King! (2.04)
7. Love and Friendship (1.29)
8. Home On Fire (1.19)
9. Vikings Arrive (0.52)
10. Field Battle Challenge (1.35)
11. Unsettling Night (1.28)
12. Why Did You Leave Me? (1.20)
13. I Have Been Blind (0.58)
14. The Old Code, Honor in Every Word (1.46)
15. It Might Be a Blessing (1.05)
16. There's No Pain Like Between Those We Love Most (2.13)
17. Wheels are Turning (2.17)
18. Subversive Dance (1.24)
19. Truth and Love Bring Healing (2.56)
20. Hurry Get the Heartfire (1.40)
21. Ascension to the Heavens (7.34)

Total Length: 38.23
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Released by

A&M Records no label number (download only release 2017)

Performed by

Mark McKenzie