Randy Edelman

" Effective little triller score "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Diabolique has one weakness and that is its length. For all the good about having more material, there’s also something like flow and interest. The material can’t hold the interest and the flow is too long. Sad because what’s here is far from bad. Edelman crafted a nice fragile main theme for piano, all the while his known suspense theme is actually far from poor here. It never goes into Basic Instinct water though, so don’t expect the thunder or the seduction of such a masterpiece. But effective it is. "Finale" is actually a strong closer, but the length almost makes it impossible to get there.

Mia's theme is quite effective, slightly sad, slightly seductive yet fragile as well.
Good use of the piano as well.
For once the suspense material is not that cheap at all.
Alas, the album feels like a quarter too long.

Track Listing

1. Main Title from Diabolique (3.42)
2. Desperation (4.10)
3. Scene of the Crime (2.48)
4. Missing Persons (2.16)
5. A Stimulating Bath (6.18)
6. Empty Pool (2.35)
7. Surburban Pittsburgh (3.10)
8. Searching Through Drawers (4.13)
9. Mia (3.00)
10. Getting Dizzy (2.20)
11. Darkened Hallway (2.55)
12. Two Females and a Guy (5.53)
13. Finale (3.38)
14. In the Arms of Love: Sherry Williams (02:26)

Total Length: 49.26
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Released by

Edel America EDL 2255 (regular release 1996)

Conducted by

Randy Edelman

Orchestrations by

Ralph Ferraro