Randy Edelman

" Daylight stands firm and solid "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Daylight is a bonafied disaster film in small places. A return to form for Sylvester Stallone who could do these roles in his sleep, yet come over incredibly convincing. For Rob Cohan another return to Randy Edelman in the same year they did the incredible Dragonheart together. This score is not that magical, but still standing firm in Edelman's repertoire. This due to the numerous themes (a suspense theme opening and closing the score, a main theme and a sort of suspenseful rescue theme), and it are these themes that keep the score dramatically engaging. The final track after the so called end credits "Light at the End" is bizarrely mixed after it, and the songs are not what you'd call disaster material. But overall those first 40 minutes are pretty indestructible stuff for Randy Edelman standards.

Daylight's chockfull of interesting themes, multiple themes weaving through one another.
Perhaps one of Edelman's strongest scores in terms of theme use and variation.
The final track of Edelman is not correctly mixed, and disturbs the flow of an otherwise good produced album.
The songs have no business here, even if it uses the theme of Edelman briefly.

Track List

1. Daylight (3.34)
2. Latura's Theme (3.07)
3. Searching for a Miracle (1.58)
4. Survival (2.31)
5. Kit's Plan (3.30) Excellent track
6. A Community is Formed (2.47) Excellent track
7. Leaving George (3.13)
8. Rats (1.55)
9. The Tunnel Claims Its Own (2.13)
10. Power! (2.31)
11. A Short Swim Under Water (2.11)
12. The Sandhog's Chapel (2.17)
13. Light at the End (5.28)
14. Madelyne's Fate (3.28)
15. Whenever There is Love (From "Daylight"): Bruce Roberts & Donna Summer (4.35)
16. Don't Go Out With Your Friends Tonite: Ho-Hum (2.54)

Total Length: 48.12
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Released by

Universal UD-53024 (regular release 1996)

Conducted by

Randy Edelman

Orchestrations by

Ralph Ferraro