Contract on Cherry Street

Jerry Goldsmith

" Contract on Jerry's street "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

A television movie starring Frank Sinatra, Contract on Cherry Street is not known for much else. Except perhaps with score fans who know it for the music of Jerry Goldsmith. It's a score brooding in the suspenseful era of the time. Goldsmith at that time was giving his scores a ferocious edge, often trough the use of his powerful brass or rhythmic suspense. His violins never stopped attacking the senses of the listener, and in some ways it's evident here as well. Contract on Cherry Street on the other hand lacks the theme or themes, but what it does portray is a lovely sense of drama. Not love, but respect and often camaraderie, making the score at times easy to listen to in the beginning ("Equal Partners", "Prowling"). In the middle that changes for more rhythmic suspense. And as usual it's the brass and the strings that do the talking ("One Way Ride" and "A Dusty Death"). It's definitely potent, but also shrill and on edge. And sadly that ending doesn't have that same kind of energy, because "Breach of Contract" somehow bleeds to death without telling us what it actually wants to tell us. The jazzy end of "Finale" is luckily a little better, but Contract on Cherry Street is not really living up to much. It might have the panache in various moments, but it lacks the quality to make it memorable. Parts here and there, not much else I can recommend.

It's Jerry, so this is decent.
At times the music's quite ballsy, so it has its moments for the fans.
Lacks the theme that would make it memorable.
The send off is lacking that ballsy'ness of the middle, too bad.

Track List

1. Main Title (4.02)
2. Trickin' Along (1.23)
3. Red Light (0.48)
4. Equal Partners (3.02)
5. False Arrest (5.14)
6. Prowling (1.38)
7. The Execution (0.58)
8. Eulogizing (4.29)
9. The Vigilantes (1.25)
10. The Deal (1.25)
11. One Way Ride (5.05)
12. A Dusty Death (3.21)
13. Bird Watching (2.25)
14. Trouble Downtown (2.24)
15. Saturday Night Special (1.08)
16. Breach of Contract (6.15)
17. Finale (2.14)

Total Length: 44.49
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Released by

Prometheus PCR 503 (limited release 1999)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith