Comme un Boomerang

Georges Delerue

" Pas comme un Delerue "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Comme un Boomerang opens differently (immediately with an atonal sound) and it will display itself as different throughout the remaining time. "Free" is a bonafied Lalo Schifrin inspired piece of jazz, drums and cacophony, displaying Delerue's ability to go with the times and ways of the era. Even more, the score is divided between the chase music and the subtle dramatic music of the father who tries to save his son. That sound is typical Delerue, with subtle harpsichord and a soft dramatic theme. The other sound is much more energetic. The frenetic jazz in "Free" shows Delerue in action / suspense mode unlike anything I've heard of him yet. In the end Comme un Boomerang is highly effective, but not one of my favorites. For that the sound of the dramatic main theme doesn't fully capture me, and the suspenseful jazz is an acquired taste. Luckily the score is not overtly long.

An original work, with the suspenseful jazz pieces as bonafied proof.
While the score feels original, there's something about the tone of the score I don't totally like.

Track Listing

1. Générique (1.12)
2. Boomerang (2.43)
3. Free (6.04)
4. Espoir (1.37)
5. Générique de Fin (2.27)
6. Comme une Ballade (3.41)
7. La Lettre (1.21)
8. La Visite (1.15)
9. Le Casino Ruhl (3.34)
10. La Rencontre (1.20)
11. La Mélancolie (3.59)

Total Length: 29.13
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Released by

CAM CSE 032 (regular release 1992)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue